Awareness With a Camera

Earth RageWhat I love about photography has something to do with Depth. And Beauty.
These two things, Depth and Beauty, somehow bring an intimacy.
What I love about this that is so different from music is that it’s already there.
The picture is already there. You just have to find it.
I know some could say that about a song or piece of music, but I don’t find that. With photography you connect with what’s already there, but maybe from a new aspect of standpoint, angle or perspective, and then bring it to life with some crazy adjustments..

From my perspective as a photographer everything is beautiful.

I am in love with photography. I have been a musician all my life. I picked up a guitar when I was 13. and although I’ve never been successful in terms of riches or fame, I’ve released some albums and expressed myself. It hasn’t always been easy. Coming out from behind other people and deciding to go solo and sing my own songs with an acoustic guitar was challenging and demanded a  lot of surrender and guts, but I did it. It was, and still is, a path of growth. Music is my guru.

But discovering photography, at a late stage of my life, and where I’m at spiritually, is like a new lease of life. It’s like discovering the missing link between all the things I do, and it binds things together. It kind of stitches together music, presence, perspective and spirituality. It’ is such a creative boon to have it in my life right now. It allows me to go out into the world with no agenda, no plan, just allowing and availability. I feel it like awareness walking with a camera.

Ah yes! I’m in the early stages of love, when it’s all rosy and brilliant, and nothing can go wrong. Well call me naive and innocent but I’m just going to enjoy it. It feels like freedom to me. And some people seem to like the pictures I take. There is something that comes to life when I take the pictures. It’s an intimacy we share. A moment, a perspective, a glimpse of how I see the world. Its the chance for you to look at the world through me. I think its refreshing.

Thanks for reading!



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