Solitude and Space – Just Me, My Camera and Emptiness.

This is what I like doing. I get up real early, say 5am, and I get excited to see what the dark night will turn into. I get myself ready, wrapped up for the cold chill of an English coastal town and I am out of the door by 5.45. Of course thats always too early to do dawn, but I just wander. I’m a great exerciser, but this is a great combination of walking and shooting pictures, so I get some exercise AND I get fresh air, and I get something far more valuable…Solitude and Space.
At that time of the morning there are very few people around. There might be some fishermen, but they are busy doing their thing, there may be the occasional early bird, shift worker or such like, but not many. I love it, its raw and full of potential. The problems of the world haven’t manifested yet, and busyness still seems a long long way off.

It is by far my favourite time of day. And thanks to photography I can get out there as much as I want. Very appreciative..Just Me, My Camera and Emptiness. Aah!


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