Simplicity in a Complex World

We all bought the ticket to the complex world.
I’m not at all convinced it works. But it’s sure addictive.
It feeds the ego, all this complexity, and it stirs the addict to action.
It’s the modern world folks, and we’re all part of it.
You are lucky if you catch some time to take a breath.
Even relaxation time is factored in. 

I don’t buy it. I don’t buy it at all.
As I got older, I got more disillusioned with fast.
And bored with complexity.

So now I go out before dawn, especially when I’m here on the coast.
I go out, with a camera and some bulletproof coffee, into the simplicity and the emptiness. And the only thing that happens is nature. The sun does what it always does. It keeps it real simple, just rising. 

It does something to your mind, simplicity. It kind of switches it off. Thats meditation without effort. It’s not about achieving, getting, reaching, or stopping anything. It’s just letting nature do its thing, outside and inside. 
Keeping it simple, because life is way complex enough without me adding to it.
Have a good day..


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