Right Place Right Time – Capturing Perfection

This picture is untouched by me. I just found myself in location, saw an angle and pushed the button. I saw shapes and colours and symmetry, and that was it. A moment in time. So it’s not like writing songs or books, or creating from emptiness. It’s just capturing what’s already there.

Beach Huts at Dawn

And here I was yesterday capturing a selfie in action, shadows and shapes of humans and nature. My kind of picture.

Selfie On Sea

I feel joy when a moment like this happens. I don’t really know why, something about the juxtaposition of things, like a meeting place of different elements.

I believe life is, on the highest plane, an eternal and ever unfolding tapestry. I think there are no flaws in the perfection of this tapestry. Its the whole Universe expanding, coming into existence and moving out of existence. We are a part of this tapestry as we come and go in our brief lives, and where we go and what we do, and the relationships we have, are all part of this beautiful unfolding experiential weave. Maybe I’m just capturing a tiny moment of that. 

Fishing at Dawn

Thanks for reading!


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