Sea and Sky, The Unchanging Ever Changing

These are the two things that bring most joy. Sea and Sky.
They are the same.

They keep on changing, but they are always just there. 
One has clouds, the other has waves.
Neither is bothered by them.
It just allows them to be whatever they are.
Not forcing them to be any way at all.
Not happy clouds, or successful waves.
All clouds, and all waves, are successful. And none are.
The Sky and the Sea are my Teachers.
They teach me where I want control and where I feel like a failed cloud or wave.
They teach me that, no matter how much I grab and clutch at the waves or the clouds, they just slip through my fingers.

And they teach me that, no matter what storm, what tempest arises, there is always an unchangingness behind it. 
Thats why my favourite pictures are Sea and Sky.

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