It Takes the Light AND the Dark to Create the Whole

Some are drawn only to the light. They do not know this. But they just want to play on the surface, preoccupied and entertained. If you show them their darkness, or the darkness of humanity, they do not know what to do. So they push it away and ignore it.
Some are drawn only to the darkness, yet don’t have the balance of the light, and so become drawn into the world of shadows and pain and isolation. Without the light of love, or awareness, the darkness can be too dark, as the light can be too light.

But the whole is made up of both. And a wise man, and a wise woman, can visit both places without attachment, knowing they are both, and neither.

When I look at this new Pier in Hastings, rebuilt after an arson attack burned the old one down in 2010, I see an extraordinary metaphor of the surface and the underbelly.
I am drawn to the underbelly. Without the structure, the darkness, the shadows, nothing on the surface can exist, there is nothing to hold it up. As great and wise teachers have said, the lotus flower grows so well because its roots are deep in the mud. But you don’t see many people down there. It’s lonely, cold, and shadowy.
Imagine, there are people above this playing, having fun, laughing and feeling good..Some of them do not know about this underbelly.

Pier Underbelly Colour 1 copy

Pier Underbelly Infrared copy

On the pier are all the distractions and entertainments, cafes, fair ground rides and, of course, other people. We have company, which means we don’t have to be alone, as we do in the darkness.

Pier is Open Carousel on the Pier copy Funfair Horse

Both together make us whole. One only creates imbalance and disharmony within. 
Finding the balance is the spiritual journey.

But this is where my heart really lies, far out to sea with no dark side, and no light side, just this endless, limitless, beauty.

Beach, Sea, Sky and Sun Shimmer copy

Ah! Being human is such a thing!



2 thoughts on “It Takes the Light AND the Dark to Create the Whole

  1. Healing through Photography

    I don’t even know how to put into words what I think of your work. To put it simply, very thought provoking and beautiful. So glad I stumbled across your blog today.


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