Available For Hire

Kavi in the Old Town

If you want someone quirky, unique, creative, good with people, compassionate and funny, to take pictures of you, your house, your dog, cat or horse or something special that means something to you, I am available.

I am relatively new to photography. But that gives me an exciting edge. It allows me to break all the rules, because I don’t know what they are. I will experiment and see what happens. I have a good eye and can tune in pretty easily to what’s wanted.

So you give me a brief and then we go to work.
Get in touch if you are interested.
Talk to me about prices, right now I have no idea what they are. We can work something out that suits you and suits me. Travel costs will need to be covered.


However, please read this:

I have realised I will not take pictures of those who have not experienced some kind of awakening, or transcended to at least some extent. I want pictures of presence, of love, or maturity, of depth. I can’t bring depth if its not there…I want the extraordinary, not the surface…
And its not about you being brash or bold or ego-like, its about real, authentic…

Im not taking selfies, Im finding you, discovering you, your wisdom and genius, and even your vulnerability, your beauty in the world…Not the surface stuff…But of course you get to look good, because awakening is actually beautiful…So my job gets easier>>> 
I have boundaries, and although everyone is beautiful in their own way, I just can’t bring myself to do it..

Pictures of Awakening – Thats My Thing.