Set Yourself Free

Cut loose the ropes
That hold you down
Untether them
And allow yourself
To drift upwards
Into the vast sky
Don’t worry about
Losing touch with reality
There is no reality
It’s a game, a mirage
An illusion
It’s a trap
That blocks your beauty
And your truth
Just untether
And allow the wind
To carry you
Into your space nature.



I FEEL YOU – For Amoda’s Mother.

A song I wrote at the time of my wife’s Mother’s death. It was an extraordinary time. Deeply moving.

The river was so long we got carried away
All the while we waited for something to say
And everyone was wearing white
We couldn’t work out why it was the only game in town
We waited for a sign to take the television down
And I was always lost in space
You just kept repeating amazing grace

I feel you, I feel you
I feel you all the time

We walked beyond the bridge and wondered where we should go
We didn’t know the road would take us to the great unknown
I didn’t recognize the place
Further up the path and we got lost in the trees
We couldn’t find our way and we fell down on our knees
And prayed for a holy sign, I remember thinking how life is divine

I feel you, I feel you
I feel you all the time

When you went away I looked everywhere for you
I found you in the places and the things that I do
I see you everywhere I go
I feel you in my heart and in my blood and in my skin
I feel you in the life I live and everywhere we’ve been
I see you in the empty space
And I can hear you singing amazing grace

I feel you, I feel you
I feel you all the time

beauty beyond the mask

you are so beautiful
when you allow yourself
to be honest
and open

it has nothing to do
with how you look

this beauty
shines from the inside
though the cracks of your life

but the mask is so brittle
and superficial
and ugly

put it down
once and for all
and embrace
all imperfection
and brokenness

the divine will
see your willingness
and rush towards you
with grace
and shower you with true beauty
and the light
will flow from you
for the world to see.


The Secret Garden of Tenderness

There is a secret garden
Within me
A place I go
To tend
To what is growing
No one has ever been there
Nor ever will
In that private place
Are the fragile seedlings
And the delicate buds
Of who I become
The me who writes these words
Has his roots
In that garden

I call it
The garden of tenderness
And beauty

What we nurture and tend to
Is what we become
It starts deep within.

in love with softness

i am in love with the softness that reveals itself

when we let go of any defensiveness

when we open the door

and let everything pour in and out

such exquisite tenderness does not come easily

and so many spend their days struggling to avoid it

yet they miss the taste of love itself

this simple truth is the essence of my poetry and my life.

The Mystic Within

There is a mystic within you

They may be hidden deep inside
Covered over by layers of concrete and mortar

There is a wild one
Who does not measure things
In the ways of modern man

Don’t think our ancestors died long ago
Oh no
They live inside us

We locked up the wild man and woman
Fearing they were base and primitive
But it is the jailer himself
Who is in prison

This wildness I speak of is our poetry
Our dance and our longing
It is our search for the deepest love

It is that which truly sustains us
And gives life to this bag of bones and fluid

Whatever else you do with this precious life
Don’t abandon your inner wild one
You don’t have to run naked in the street
All you have to do is follow
Your deepest yearning

And be true to your heart.

it’s ok

it’s ok to wake up with silence in your heart
even on a day like today
it’s ok, don’t put on the mask
just be tender and quiet

there is enough time
for everything else
but this tender sweetness
is something to savor

drink of the nectar of stillness
and it will nourish you
and prepare you
for all the doing to come.

this morning i sat at dawn
and took this picture
the sense of peace was astonishing
In Sausalito, San Francisco, California.

the beauty of tenderness

in the midst of all this arguing
about who is right and who is wrong
is one who stands silent
with head bowed
and hands softly open

as the raging storm
lashes everything it touches
does this one remain peacefully still
refusing all invitations to drama

the beauty of tenderness
is easily forgotten
yet, like a fragrant flower
alone in the forest,
it captivates the heart
and reminds us
of our true nature

once i saw my true face
i could no longer fight
i laid down my arms
and walked away
as tears of love
rained down
upon a parched earth

there is no solution but love.



the face in the mirror

i have looked in the mirror
and seen many faces
i have seen fear and love
anguish and regret
joy and celebration
staring back from some unknown place

i have seen the flicker of time passing
in those eyes
stared wildly as creatures, gods,
archetypes, rise and fall
like wild snake waves writhing
in a petulant sea

i realized once
that you can never see yourself
as you are
that what we see, that vision we stare at
each morning and each evening
the one we glimpse
in shop windows as we pass
is not us
it is our ghost, our shadow
a reflection and a projection,
but not us

there is no point looking for your self
in the mirror
all you will see is
the time bound
and you are so much more than that….

to know your true face you must look beyond
what this world offers you
see through the veil
beyond the ephemeral
and find what is real.