you are in my heart

even though i am helpless
to help you
i hold you close
in my tender heart
a heart broken open to love
whose healing waters have flooded
the dry and arid plains
of the mind’s defenses
a heart that sees the soul’s truth
beyond the petty games we humans play
the soul is love
it loves you no matter what you do
unconcerned with ideas
of success or failure
happiness or misery
the soul is love
always free
always as free as the eagle
that soars
into the heavens

so don’t worry
about anything
just see if you can
touch your soul’s sweet truth


Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash


fall inside

into the great unknown
that lives inside each of us
that is where we must voyage
to seek that which calls our name

yes, there is a voice
beckoning you from afar
if you get real quiet
on a still and balmy night
you may even hear it

it is your soul’s yearning
to find that voice
and dance with it
like rumi like the great poet

but you must fall inside first
and fall and fall
into the vast
and unknown universe
only that journey
will bring you
the treasure you seek.

in playful innocence did they dance

in such playful innocence
did they dance through this chaos
their bodies remembered
what it was like
before the veil fell upon them
no explanation
no reason
just the simple joy of being
love for it’s own sake
life being lived directly

ah! if only we could hold on to innocence
but each one of us falls for the same trick
as if the devil knows us all by name
and we each, one by one, fall into the same hole
and spend our lives
trying to climb out

my friend, cynicism and guilt, shame and denial
are the masks we have been tricked into wearing
they are not who we truly are
i took mine off
will you?



kindness is all you really need
to live a full life
you don’t need great intellect
or qualification
you don’t need power
or enormous wealth
neither success nor failure
really matter
but, to this heart and mind,
to lack any sense of kindness
towards life, self, creatures
and other beings
is a great misery

i dont care how enlightened you are
or how rich you are
if you can’t be kind
you have missed the mark.

A New Landlord

When love moved in
And took up permanent residence
It caused a lot of trouble
It told all the old dwellers to move out
Fear, regret, grievance
Self hate, even shame and intolerance
Were given notice
Of course they fought for a while
And hung on for dear life
But eventually they had to admit
The new landlord was ruthless
And set new standards
Love cleaned up the whole house
Threw out all the old and unwanted stuff
At first it was strangely quiet
And I almost missed the old inhabitants
With their crazy ways
But I soon got used to it
And it became quite ordinary.

And then truth moved in…..

beauty beyond the mask

you are so beautiful
when you allow yourself
to be honest
and open

it has nothing to do
with how you look

this beauty
shines from the inside
though the cracks of your life

but the mask is so brittle
and superficial
and ugly

put it down
once and for all
and embrace
all imperfection
and brokenness

the divine will
see your willingness
and rush towards you
with grace
and shower you with true beauty
and the light
will flow from you
for the world to see.


The Walls We Build

Must we close our fragile hearts
To the world
To protect our vulnerable selves
Must we erect our shields
And great walls of defense
And separate ourselves
From everything
That is too much to bear
Must we?
Even though those very hearts
Are the doors
To our humanity

The most beautiful quality of being human
Is found through the door of suffering.


in your eyes

in your eyes
a hundred thousand stars
illuminate the night sky
the universe swings
back and forth
and time drips
moment by divine moment
into form
when i look in your eyes
i see the whole of eternity
awake and alive
i see magnificence
a miracle
i see all life
looking back at me
grief, sadness, heartbreak
joy, beauty and hope
and i see death’s mantle
that brings an urgency
to every action
in your eyes
i see a window
to myself
and to all beings
sometimes i fall
into those jewels
and let myself go
oh sweet joy.