born to love

my love
while we still have this precious time together
before eternity tears us asunder
let us sit together here
under the night sky
as it pours down it’s magnificence
on our innocent heads
there will be a moment
as yet unknown
when we will part
and one of us will leave this realm
bound for distant shore
oh! the pain of that moment
when we say goodbye

to have loved in this way
to have found each other after so long
and fallen so far in
we disappeared
given up all notion of self
and yet to have found ourselves completely
there has never been a love like this
let our ecstatic embrace send ripples into the world
and ring throughout forever
let it be said
‘they loved completely without fear of death.’

India, approx 2004



Throw Open the Doors of Love

We met for this,
To talk of love
To share it
And to throw open its doors
And invite everyone in
Love is a force
It is THE force
Of the universe
And it wants everything
It is like the light
It wants to shine on everything
And cast out
The shadows
We met for this
When we first shared it
We were wildly in love
And our sharing was
Carefree and crazy
Now the wine has matured
And is ready to drink
With grace and care
Love turned my life
Upside down
And now
I see it everywhere
I see where it is not embraced
Where it is denied
And longed for
But I want to say
It is here, now!
It is the oxygen
The air
The water
In the flesh and bones
And blood
It is all
And all is it!
Oh mercy
I must stop….

You will never know how grateful I am…
Let this heart’s love
Ring throughout eternity.

A picture at the recent retreat at Santa Sabina Center, San Rafael, California. June 2018. My wife, author and teacher Amoda Maa.

Closer to God

Some poems speak to us of beauty and depth
They point us to the invisible world
And tug at our hearts
They remind us of our humanity
And our adventurous spirit
They open the door of love
And let us look inside
Even if we live in a world
With closed doors
Poems reveal our unfathomable depth
And our timeless essence
We love the patterns
That poetry weaves…

But I love poetry
Because it brings me
Closer to God.

love came to my door

love came to my door

at first it knocked politely

but when i didn’t answer

it smashed the door down

and dragged me into the street


people laughed and pointed

at the madman they once knew

nobody spoke to me after that

fortunately i no longer cared

about such things.

My Secret for True Relationship

I just showed up
And loved her in a way that was true
Fully and unconditionally
No limits and total devotion
I made her laugh
And I spoke poetry to her
We played and danced and
I sang songs to her
When I screwed up
I faced it
When I was hurt I shared it
I let my guard down
And showed myself
I listened and didn’t try and fix
And most of all
I adored her
And saw her brilliance
And genius and radiance
And decided to serve that force
For the rest of my life.

i gave myself to love’s fire

for most of my life
i ran from the fire
preferring to stay in the cold
unable to take the heat
and then, through grace,
a fire so bright
found me, ripe and ready,
and drew me towards it
like the moth to the flame
i gave myself to that fire
wholly and fully
without holding anything back
and that fire burned up
everything that was useless
until i stood
naked and free
and gloriously innocent

my life now is just this
beauty and joy
there are no words to describe
the blessing
of such a love
as this.


Even the Stars Bowed Down

Overwhelmed by all this insanity
And the fever of his own life
Finally caught up with by
His tormenters
Did he sit
In such a silence
That the world stopped
And in that bitter sweet moment
The sky opened its heart
The moon shed its tears
And the sun offered it’s light
He lifted his weary head
And beheld a beauty
Of such Heavenly wonder
That even the stars bowed down
And the universe stopped breathing

From that cessation of all things
Does time come
Dripping, precious moment
By precious moment,
Creating this world

Upon seeing this
He was finished
The game was over.

Look upwards and inwards
My friend
Don’t believe what you see
Beyond your senses
Is a truth
That would shatter
The mind of even the most ardent

fall inside

into the great unknown
that lives inside each of us
that is where we must voyage
to seek that which calls our name

yes, there is a voice
beckoning you from afar
if you get real quiet
on a still and balmy night
you may even hear it

it is your soul’s yearning
to find that voice
and dance with it
like rumi like the great poet

but you must fall inside first
and fall and fall
into the vast
and unknown universe
only that journey
will bring you
the treasure you seek.

in playful innocence did they dance

in such playful innocence
did they dance through this chaos
their bodies remembered
what it was like
before the veil fell upon them
no explanation
no reason
just the simple joy of being
love for it’s own sake
life being lived directly

ah! if only we could hold on to innocence
but each one of us falls for the same trick
as if the devil knows us all by name
and we each, one by one, fall into the same hole
and spend our lives
trying to climb out

my friend, cynicism and guilt, shame and denial
are the masks we have been tricked into wearing
they are not who we truly are
i took mine off
will you?