we are made of light

we are designed with potential
hard wired into us

made of the same light
as the rest of the universe

we are the same
as the distant star
spinning in an unknown galaxy

we are black hole
and super nova

we have the potential
for cosmic consciousness
and all that comes with it

oh why! do we spend our lives
just coping, getting by, fighting, hating
warring, starving?

i say let us evolve beyond all this
and all of us, together,
take a step forward in our evolution
we have the potential
why not now we realize it?

and here it is, it starts with me
and you
in small ways we raise our vibration
by choosing love
by choosing peace
by choosing truth.

the vast blue ocean

it doesn’t matter how you do it
or which path you take
i don’t care what transport you use
or if you have to walk

just find your way
to the vast blue ocean
to the sky fields
make it all you want
set your inner eye
on that bliss
of freedom
that lies beyond the valley

and never stop
until you reach it
it may take no time
it may take a lifetime
some roads will lead nowhere
and you may feel like giving up


just find your way
to the vast blue ocean
to the sky fields

every ounce of pain and fear
rage and regret
is nothing
compared to a drop of that water

let us meet there
and swim together
in eternity.

you are the bridge

you are the bridge
between the invisible
and the visible

if you could only feel
how life is pouring through you
at this very moment
and each moment
of your life

you would be in raptures
and stumble around
in some crazy ecstatic union
unable to speak

they would call you mad
and lock you up
but you wouldn’t care

you would be so far
beyond all this
you would barely notice.

i cried back to life

when i realized
how i kept love at bay
and shut its grace
out of my life
and how i defended
the walls of my heart
as closely as possible
i cried
and those tears
that flowed for many a day
brought great nourishment
back to a dry and barren desert

since then new life has grown
in a rich and fertile land
such great abundance and joy aplenty
and enough to share with
anyone who passes by.

nowhere to hide

there is nowhere to hide
from your own sun
it is there always
shining the light of truth
and casting the shadows
that terrify you
but it is not the sun
that scares you
it is the shadows

look friend, take a minute and think,
ignore the shadows
they are but ghosts

and keep your eyes and heart
set upon the sun

that is where the peace
and the love is.

to have loved

there is no greater blessing
than to have loved

we set our store by how much
we have been loved
but this is an error

for the greatest achievement
of a human being
is to have loved
without boundary or rule

it really doesn’t matter
what you have loved
it may be another human
or it may be a dog, a cat
or another of gods creatures
it may be the world itself
it may be the deepest love of life
it is not the object of love
that matters
it is the art of pure loving
that brings grace
and beauty to this world of form

it is the highest form of daily prayer.

5 Days Is Eternity Without My Lover

5 days is a long time
Without my beloved
It may seem like nothing
To you
But you know nothing
Of this love
And 5 days
Is an eternity
For ecstatic lovers
Each minute stretched
To its agonizing end

All I have is this poetry
To describe my madness
And satisfy my deepest

In our early days
Of ecstatic union
She went to India
And we both nearly died
Of separation
She had to hurry home
To save both our lives.

Believe me
It’s not ordinary
And it’s a love
Worth shouting about
And celebrating

And thats all I’m doing.

Human Constellation

Humanity is a constellation of stars
Each one of us an individuation
Some bright and close
Some dull and far away
Yet each has their place in the vast Universe

There are clusters of stars
And great galaxies
Swirling around each other

Sometimes there is a black hole
And even a super nova

And yet again
On rare occasions
A brilliant planet may appear
And shine it’s light
On the whole

Oh my!
This metaphor
Feels so real
I can almost believe it
To be true.

to love so much

to love so much
everything disappears
in the fire
to burn up all ones fear
of loss and struggle
to sacrifice
all need and attachment
to this love
but never to try
and control it
this is the essence
even though
it hurts like a wound
that never heals
and to love so much
you can carry
all humanity
inside it
this is the grace
we are offered
but many choose
to turn away from
i made it my mission
to turn towards
this blinding light
and walk into it.

One Thing

Pull one thread and the universe unravels
Because everything is one thing
All the same silken divine thread
From the lowly worm to the cosmic star
All one inexplicable thing
Called God.
What a realization that is.
– Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

“Self is only an idea, a mortal idea.
That which passes through everything, is one thing.
The world you see is just a movie in your mind.”
– Jack Kerouac