love and truth

i searched for love
inside truth

and i searched for truth
inside love

and i found them
nestling together

like lovers hiding
in each others arms

the sun and the moon
are always dancing
to the divine music
of what is.



naked and undefended

let us meet
in the open field of spring’s bloom
naked and undefended
shameless and innocent
as we were once
in distant memory

all this mask wearing
and righteous indignation
is tiring
and everyone seems weary
we can’t go on like this

so let us lie down
in the green pastures
naked and true
bare our souls to the wind
and let the spring sun
burn away
everything false

we were born for freedom
and love
but we fell in a deep well
and now we struggle to
even see the sunlight.


Lovers of the World

We are dancing in an endless ocean of love
Swimming with the beautiful ones
Unlocking the door to Eternity
Feeling the breath of the ecstatic wind
Tasting some nectar
Catching a glimpse of the sun
As it pours out its light
For the lovers of the world. – Kavi 2004

I wrote this poem, and many others, when the relationship with my wife, Amoda Maa Jeevan, fully blossomed in 2002/3. The first few years of our coming together were ecstatic and brought the poet out of me. We were like delighted children, tumbling around the world in rapture. Our favorite experience was to bundle into a cafe and dash up to the counter and announce, ‘Two cappuccinos please, we are here to celebrate our existence on this planet!’

It has now been over 15 years and, although the ecstatic nature has transformed and matured, it still has this quality. It is love, and not just love of each other, but the greatest devotion of each of us to love itself, and therefore to truth itself.

Recently we were asked to talk about our relationship. Amoda is a teacher so she does this kind of thing a lot. I’m not, but I am always up for talking about new ways of relating, because relationship is where the rubber really hits the road.

So if you are of a mind and have some time, I invite you to watch our interview and see what you think. It is honest and open. We even talk about sex.

this radiant unconditionality

in profound and total acceptance
of one human being for another
everything heals
all wounds and traumas lose their power
and crumble to dust

this radiant unconditionality
is the light that shines through the cracks
the light poets write of
and singers sing of
it is the source of the seekers seeking

everything that was fragmented
(and so much of us is fragmented)
either falls away or aligns

if you can love like that
or you can find a love like that
or love yourself like that
well my friend
you are whole
and you are home

Special treat!
This was a live improvisation I did at a recent retreat held by my wife in Santa Cruz, California. It is a listening experience, a meditation, not entertainment. I hope you enjoy it!

Patterns Weaving

All I seem to see now
Are patterns
And waves
As though life itself
Were but one single thing
One single tapestry
Of form
Weaving in and out
Between the visible and the invisible
At moments I recoil
In staggered wonder
As I see the whole of existence
The universe, stars, and the firmament itself
You and me and the tiny ant
As just shapes of energy
Coming in and out
In and out

At times I lose interest
In our individual stories
Of greatness or suffering
And collapse into
The deepest acceptance and awe

At other times I love
The way the pattern weaves itself
Through us all
With its delicate nuances
We call our lives

My oh my! What astonishing
Divine intelligence
Is behind all this?

leave the world to see it clearly

to love and understand this life

you must consciously transcend it

even for a moment

you must go beyond its shores

leave its gravitational field

and see from far above

when you look down upon

this spinning blue ball

your heart will open and your mind will clear

all it takes is one moment

of total clarity and vision

and everything false may dissolve

what heavenly joy it is to see with no blinkers!

Everything is swinging: heaven, earth, water, fire,
and the secret one slowly growing a body.
Kabir saw that for fifteen seconds, and it made him a servant for life.

this ordinary ecstasy


arrived out of the demolition

of self

before love’s truth could flower

all the weeds had to die

don’t imagine it is easy

to surrender the desperate self

but know it is necessary

if love is to blossom

meeting another with no defense

with no armor and no weapons

brings into existence

an ordinary ecstasy

that is worth every moment

of the death rattle

of the one that clings to life.

swimming in a vast ocean

i looked for something to cling to
and realized i was swimming in a vast eternal ocean
of consciousness
i saw huge forms rising
planets exploding, stars dancing across the sky
mountains, trees and ants
all doing the same thing
and in that vision i saw myself
sometimes terrified
and sometimes bewitched
by the staggering beauty
of it all
and in that seeing i stopped
looking for something to cling to
or some way of understanding anything
and i fell back and rested
in the arms of the one intelligence
that animates all things
what astonishing peace came upon me
and what great joy.

return of the lovers

hurry, harken
have you heard the news?
the lovers are back in the garden
returned to innocence
and lost in playful abandon
see them dance through the trees
and sing their songs of naked joy
and freedom
feasting with delight on all god’s fruits
no shame no guilt and nothing wrong
all is well again
the lovers are back in the garden