surrender the wilful ego

a kind of death must happen
for relationship to flower
but that death is no bad thing
it is nothing more than
giving up the need
to be right
or wrong

to surrender
the wilful ego
is the greatest gift
you can give your lover
and the world

it sounds so easy
but i invite you
to give it a try
in the heat
of the moment
when the battle
is at its peak…

i laid down my arms
some time ago
it was the best thing
i ever did


say nothing

speak no more
words of cruelty or fear
they do not serve
anything useful
hold back your righteous judgement
and burn up all that outworn

we are living in something new
and you are being left behind

the new vision that so many see
brings all things together
it unifies where once was separation
it offers compassion where once was hatred
it says yes where once was no
and it has its roots
in the heart and the belly
of love

only love can build a world of freedom
only love can bring everyone together

yet all we are sold is fear, because fear sells

end the world now i say

it is in your hands, and mine
it is you who ends the world of fear
by choosing love
again and again and again

say nothing
unless it has love
as its fragrance.

the butterfly path

i have lived
like an emergent butterfly
at first i stumbled and crawled
through my life
unaware and driven only
by desire

and then a great metamorphosis began

there were times I thought
the pain of transformation
would kill me
yet still i pressed on
and finally, through grace and nature,
i emerged into
my butterfly nature

this life is a path of becoming
but to truly emerge
as your resplendent self
you must be prepared
to shed the past
and face the void…

and then jump.

Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash

healing the endless wound

be wary of believing all that you think
most of the thoughts in your head
come from other people
you just recorded them many years ago
when you were very impressionable
and they all seemed so wise

but if you really look now
you may see that those very people
were lost and wounded
and they themselves
had thoughts that were not their own

the human cycle of ancestry,
left unconscious and unaware
goes on and on
it’s like a wound
that runs through each generation

and the only way to stop
this endless wounding
is to be the one who says
‘the buck stops here with me.’

it is a great responsibility
and a hard burden
but your liberation, your awakening
is not only for yourself
but somehow this energy of true liberation into love
sends ripples of healing
backwards into time and resolves
all past wounds that may still be trapped somewhere

we are either destined to endlessly repeat the pattern
of our ancestry
or we are destined to awaken from it.

i awakened from it
and my liberation into love’s unconditionality
has become my greatest gift to the world
and to my family, whether they know it or not.

be beautiful for no reason

you don’t have to do anything
or be anyone
you don’t have to become more
of what you are already
or achieve fame or notoriety


all you have to do is fall backwards
into what you naturally are
and rest
as your beautiful self

just be beautiful for no reason
except that you are here
as a manifestation
of the divine

you are a celebration
and every atom and particle
longs to dance and sing
in that celebration

don’t stand in the way.

love is bold

tear off this falseness
and stand tall
in truth
be like an open window
let anyone look in

invite everyone
into your house
and make them welcome

there are no enemies
when love is your abiding state
there is only misunderstanding

don’t be so quick
to jump into
being a person
it is not as simple as that
and when you look
from a certain angle
you will see
worlds within worlds
all real
and all fictional

don’t be so quick
to judge
make love your home
and see the world dissolve.

this world is cruel

to those of us
who swim beneath the surface
and dare to feel
the weight of the ocean
and those who have had their hearts torn out
by fate’s sword
i say
this world is cruel
it will devastate you
and bring you to your knees
it will try and steal your love
it will take you to the very edge of your mind
and push you off
into the void

and only grace
can catch you

do not close your heart
even though the world
appears cruel

appearances can be deceptive.

reflections on love’s brilliant sun

Reflections on what happened to me in 2001/2 when love’s brilliant sun burst into my life. It was like being in a Rumi Poem. Exactly like that. And I was both the poet and the subject of the poem. It was an extraordinary time. I have some poetry from that period that I will publish here, but first let me give you an idea of what it was like.

when love really arrived in my life
it didn’t come with conditions
or superficial sweetness
it didn’t come with games
or bargains
it wasn’t love
wrapped up as need.


the love that arrived
was a FIRE
that incinerated everything
within me, and in my life,
that was false
it uncovered all the cracks
and holes
and shone the brilliant light
of the sun
on them.

it tore at me
it tore at
my 40 years
of building and maintaining
and it threw demolished everything
and threw it on the fire

i lost it all
in that fire
my marriage
my home
my history
my friends
my superficial mask and
my reasonableness

and most of all
i lost my safety

but i gained

my freedom……(part two soon)


love’s fragrant garden

if you can’t reach
love’s fragrant garden
your awakening
is meaningless

the whole point
of the journey
is to dive
into the deepest ocean
and drown

and in that drowning
become so tender
and open
that the world
passes through you
and nothing sticks
because you have dissolved
and there is nothing left
of you

awakening is the first step
surrendering your self
to the world
over and over
is the next.

cruel world worthy of your love

yes the world seems cruel and heartless
full of hate and war
driven mad by greed and fear
yes it’s all wrong
and we can’t even care for our own species
and yes
we just tear nature apart for our own gain


is this cruel world still worthy of your love?

or is it all too much?

is this what you signed up for?

maybe you have already decided this world
is too harsh, too cruel, too mean
and you have withdrawn your love
and now you just keep it to yourself
and the best you can do
is keep yourself protected
from all the pain

but this is a hopeless plan..

this is the trapped bird
locked in a cage
when what it needs

is to fly free
and abandon
all care

is this cruel world still worthy of your love?

oh yes! my friend
that is exactly
what you signed up for

the challenge you accepted before you came here was thus:

to open your heart whatever appeared before you
to stare hell in the eye and not flinch
or shut down for one moment
to love anyway
to see beyond all manifestation
and to radiate like a beacon of hope
so that others, lost in the storm,
may find their way home.