be beautiful for no reason

you don’t have to do anything
or be anyone
you don’t have to become more
of what you are already
or achieve fame or notoriety


all you have to do is fall backwards
into what you naturally are
and rest
as your beautiful self

just be beautiful for no reason
except that you are here
as a manifestation
of the divine

you are a celebration
and every atom and particle
longs to dance and sing
in that celebration

don’t stand in the way.


All Unfolding Perfectly

I have come to the conclusion
That life has no meaning –
And therein lies its exquisite beauty
And its terrible horror.

We are the only thing that sees
Beauty or Horror
For the Eternal One
It is all the same
It is us who call
One thing suffering
And another thing grace
But to the Eternal One
It is all the same
It is us who long for
Things to be different
Or to have more time
Or to change some part of reality
But to the Eternal One
It is all unfolding perfectly

We find this so hard to hear.

in the smallest acts

there is a bowl outside our door
and many of our little friends
drop in during the course of a day
to splash around
or take a well deserved drink

on those days the bowl has run dry
and i realize i have forgotten
to fill it up
and i catch the look of disappointment
on a squirrels face
i am beside myself with sadness
and i quickly run to the kitchen
and dash to the bowl
and fill it up

and within a few minutes
everything is ok again
and the squirrel drinks and scampers off
looking for nuts.

and all is well.

We used to be wild once

We used to be wild
But slowly everything
Was tamed
We traded our wildness
For a kind of social cohesion
But it killed our
And we lost our soul
And now
We have forgotten
We used to be wild
So we walk the malls
And stare at the screens
And buy the stuff
But it doesn’t fill
The void
We left behind

The domestic human
Is a sorry creature
Unhappy and frustrated
Longing for freedom
Held captive by culture
Oh! We gave up what we most needed
And I don’t know if we will survive.

We used to be wild

My WILD Friends

there is no Monday

Monday is an abstract human invention
created out of necessity
don’t let it rule your life
don’t let time rule your life

there is no Monday
to any creature on this wondrous planet
apart from us
your dog, cat or fish
have no idea its a Monday 
the spider isn’t upset
about spinning its web
because its Monday
and the squirrel
doesn’t complain
about the endless Mondays
and how bad they make him feel

but we measure the movement of our lives
by which day of the week
it is

sometimes i see that the systems we built 
to make life easier
have become our prisons

don’t let time rule your life
live as free as you can
in the matrix


trail blazing beauty and love

i hold myself accountable
to my highest nature
not to anyone else
but i strive to hold myself to account
to the highest values
i can imagine
some of those are
and a genuine care for all life

i don’t need anyone else
to wave the flag at me
although sometimes it may help

no, i actively want to grow
into a mighty and humble warrior
who cares for the world
and everything in it

and the only way that can happen
is by holding myself accountable
to trail blazing beauty and love.


we are god’s coat

our greatest task
is to see ever deeper
into the nature of things
and thus to awe
at the patterns
woven into the very fabric
of reality

it is called fabric
because it is an eternal coat

and you are the coat
and the weaver

when i really allow this
to sink in
i start to cry
at the mind stopping
beauty of it all.


The Little Bird

A little bird, crashed on the window
Fell to the floor
Dazed and confused
Heart was beating
Wings were broken
Lying helpless
Waiting for nothing
Living in freedom
Dying in freedom

I’m just here
I’m paying attention
Holding him gently
Watching him breathing
Keeping him warm
Keeping him close

The sun went down
And we were all sleeping
I was still praying I would see him at dawn
But I knew he was slipping
Away from this world we cling on to

When the sun returned
I shuffled down stairs
And sitting there quietly
Was the little bird
I softly stroked him
And I opened the doors up
And he flew away

I can tell you my friend
That I’m feeling so happy
And I’m feeling so gently
Because of my friend
In a moment of seeing
In a moment of caring
And paying attention
There was love in the air

He never returned, he flew into freedom
Never saw him again
But he lives in my heartbeat
And he lives in my loving
And he lives in the way that I care for the world.

Bird in Tree

Don’t Wait

Don’t wait for anyone else
To do it first
Or give you permission
Don’t wait
For the conditions 
To be right
Or the stars
To line up
Don’t put it off
You are not ready
Or because 
Some voice whispers ‘no’

If it’s in you
And you know it
Do it now
And keep doing it now
Until you do it.