Your True Power

If you can see through your own projection
And righteous judgement
And instead
See from an open heart
And an innocent mind
You will be doing yourself
And the world
A great service
The world doesn’t need your opinion
It needs your love
Your innocence
And your beauty
Because therein
Lies your true power.


the beauty of tenderness

in the midst of all this arguing
about who is right and who is wrong
is one who stands silent
with head bowed
and hands softly open

as the raging storm
lashes everything it touches
does this one remain peacefully still
refusing all invitations to drama

the beauty of tenderness
is easily forgotten
yet, like a fragrant flower
alone in the forest,
it captivates the heart
and reminds us
of our true nature

once i saw my true face
i could no longer fight
i laid down my arms
and walked away
as tears of love
rained down
upon a parched earth

there is no solution but love.



journey of journeys

you must go to the mountain top
or the cave
alone – if you seek to awaken –
without any friends or loved ones
when you return everyone will be your friend
and no one will be
as you leave for
your journey of journeys
take a look around
and you will not see the beloved anywhere
yet upon your return
the beloved is all you will see

god, love, truth, the beloved,
whatever you want to call the divine,
is always here
but we pretend to hide
like naughty children
hiding in the closet
from mum and dad

who are we kidding?

return to love

no matter how far you may roam
or how often you forget
and slip into fear or regret
or some other hole

you can always return to love
yes it may burn you
upon your return
and you may chastise yourself
for forgetting

but love’s ultimate balm
is clear of all that
it is just the fire itself
upon which you may throw
your stuff, your hurt pain and rage
and even,
wth some grace,
your self

from there you will rise anew
with nothing left to burn.

when grace arrived

grace, as my wife once said,
is the absence of resistance
i loved that description so much
and became devoted to the task
of finding that grace
to the point where i stopped
fighting and arguing with life
i put down my arms
and ended the war

and what happened was astonishing
i lost nothing, i didn’t fall apart
or become less of a human being
in fact the opposite
i gained everything
i gained the world
i became whole
and a full human being
all the world became my lover
and a great intimacy arose in me
this intimacy you feel as you read these words
this honest openness came
when i put down my weapons
of mass destruction

and grace arrived

this world is unfathomable
and, if you can just stop struggling
and fighting with it,
will show you its beauty
even in the smallest of things.


there is a sadness that shines

there is a sadness
that opens the door
to peaceful acceptance
of the wheel of life

and there is a grief which,
when opened to,
may bring
the most profound love

but both sadness and grief
are shunned and demeaned
by those who desperately
flap around on the surface
and so they may never know
peace or love

i turned my back
on all that
and dived down
into the darkness
and there, amongst the tears and regret,
the pain and the deep wounds,
lay the most exquisite jewels

and now i wear those jewels
every moment of every day
with a humble pride
that says
‘i am not afraid of the darkness or the shadows.’

Set Sail For Love

I give thanks to love
Without its open expression
I may have faced a life
Of fear and pent up anger
Love helped me see
What was behind all that pain
Love was the open door
I could always walk through
But never knew how
And when finally
I faced my demons
And walked through
I found a new world
A world brighter, richer, deeper and lighter
Than anything fear could muster
The world of love is not weak but tender
Surrendered but mighty
Innocent and invincible
I give thanks that the ship of my life
Left familiar shores
And sailed into the mystery
For that is where I found myself.

only the deepest softness

i have tried to meet the world
meet my lover
and meet myself
in many different ways
over the long years of my life
i have tried to rage, argue and battle
I have tried to run and deny
i have been intolerant and indignant
have even stood aloof and arrogant
upheld by righteousness and superiority

but none of these tactics ever brought me
or anyone else


only one thing, only one measure
has worked every time
and that is to meet everything,
all experience, all form,
within and without,
with the deepest softness

i may not like it, want it or feel i need it
it may hurt like hell
and bring great sadness or pain
but when i allow
myself to surrender
into the deepest softness
something new happens
that opens the door
to majesty

not the loud majesty of pomp and pride
but the humble majesty
that may be unseen
yet extraordinarily beautiful
and sweet

when you get tired of fighting the world
or yourself
don’t give up and hang your head
in resignation
but surrender the fighter
to this deepest softness

we will meet there.

when love fully flowers

when love flowers fully
it detaches from the personal
it stops being about self gain and self worth
the whole game of self seeking ends

and something new begins

as if by grace
the whole world
becomes the beloved
and, as if by magic,
everyone, and everything,
becomes an intimate lover
the whole of existence
shows its true face
you can see the beauty, the horror, the suffering
and behind and inside everything
you see the beloved

nothing, absolutely nothing
and no-one, absolutely no-one,
is excluded from this

it is quite astonishing…

the veil is down
and the truth is revealed
it was all god all along
it was us who misunderstood
it was us who drew down the veil
it was us who got it all wrong

but you can only really know this
to be true
when love fully flowers

when it fully flowered in me
it destroyed everything that was false
it broke my heart so wide open
life poured in
and stayed.

shrouded by eternity

if we were to truly allow ourselves
to feel
the weight of existence
and to feel
the utter mystery
and inevitability
that awaits
every single one of us

would we be rendered
stupefied and useless?

is it really better that we
turn our backs on such truth
and pretend, blindly,
that we will live forever
and that these short years
of our lives
are so important
we would fight, and kill, and suffer
for them –
when we are shrouded
on either side of this precious existence
by eternity?


denial of the truth
leads to the path of ignorance
and shadows

we must live, side by side,
aware of the greater context
aware of oblivion
aware that we are all here by grace
aware that eternity is our true home
aware that we all see the same fate
aware that we are living inside a deep mystery

in fact we must live

on our knees in prayer and gratitude

not this arrogance and entitlement.

only the deepest embrace of all that is
allows love’s healing balm to flow