In Service to Love

My service to love
Devotion to my beloved
And willingness to support her voice and message
Does not diminish me in any way
It does not make me less of a man
It does not require any subjugation
Or suppression of some innate primal desire
It is not weakness or passivity

In fact it requires the greatest of all strengths
The strength to overcome a thousand years of masculine righteousness
And domination of nature itself
It demands the greatest of tenderness and care
The awareness and diligence of a master warrior
The presence and poise of an eagle
It requires the most blazing eloquence
And depth of understanding
It requires that I yield some
Part of this masculinity that only serves itself
Yes, it requires that I die
And in dying I am reborn
As love’s greatest servant

But to imagine that it makes me less of a man
Is to entirely miss the point.


love and truth

i searched for love
inside truth

and i searched for truth
inside love

and i found them
nestling together

like lovers hiding
in each others arms

the sun and the moon
are always dancing
to the divine music
of what is.


naked and undefended

let us meet
in the open field of spring’s bloom
naked and undefended
shameless and innocent
as we were once
in distant memory

all this mask wearing
and righteous indignation
is tiring
and everyone seems weary
we can’t go on like this

so let us lie down
in the green pastures
naked and true
bare our souls to the wind
and let the spring sun
burn away
everything false

we were born for freedom
and love
but we fell in a deep well
and now we struggle to
even see the sunlight.


Lovers of the World

We are dancing in an endless ocean of love
Swimming with the beautiful ones
Unlocking the door to Eternity
Feeling the breath of the ecstatic wind
Tasting some nectar
Catching a glimpse of the sun
As it pours out its light
For the lovers of the world. – Kavi 2004

I wrote this poem, and many others, when the relationship with my wife, Amoda Maa Jeevan, fully blossomed in 2002/3. The first few years of our coming together were ecstatic and brought the poet out of me. We were like delighted children, tumbling around the world in rapture. Our favorite experience was to bundle into a cafe and dash up to the counter and announce, ‘Two cappuccinos please, we are here to celebrate our existence on this planet!’

It has now been over 15 years and, although the ecstatic nature has transformed and matured, it still has this quality. It is love, and not just love of each other, but the greatest devotion of each of us to love itself, and therefore to truth itself.

Recently we were asked to talk about our relationship. Amoda is a teacher so she does this kind of thing a lot. I’m not, but I am always up for talking about new ways of relating, because relationship is where the rubber really hits the road.

So if you are of a mind and have some time, I invite you to watch our interview and see what you think. It is honest and open. We even talk about sex.

turn to face the broken

if you expect these words to be positive
look away
i am not concerned with being positive
i am for what is real
and that means sometimes
turning to face the broken
and the messy
it means looking deep into
the heart of the darkness
i would rather face the agony of the truth
than the pretence of the lie
for in turning around
to meet sorrow and suffering
our steely hearts may break
and from that broken place
may pour the milk of human kindness
and without kindness
there is nothing but
an empty existence.

The Mystic Within

There is a mystic within you

They may be hidden deep inside
Covered over by layers of concrete and mortar

There is a wild one
Who does not measure things
In the ways of modern man

Don’t think our ancestors died long ago
Oh no
They live inside us

We locked up the wild man and woman
Fearing they were base and primitive
But it is the jailer himself
Who is in prison

This wildness I speak of is our poetry
Our dance and our longing
It is our search for the deepest love

It is that which truly sustains us
And gives life to this bag of bones and fluid

Whatever else you do with this precious life
Don’t abandon your inner wild one
You don’t have to run naked in the street
All you have to do is follow
Your deepest yearning

And be true to your heart.

surrender the righteous self

i have discovered the great secret
that will transform the world
and end the war between people
though i am not sure many will buy it

for they cling like drowning men
to the raft of being right
they divide this great world
into the right and the wrong
and that’s it, that’s all there is

but if you head in the opposite direction
you will discover a secret majesty
and great power
and openness
beyond this play of duality

and that is the simple secret
that by endeavoring, over and over,
to surrender the righteous self
not as some theory
but in those heated moments when one
clutches so hard at being right,
or falls into the victim pit of being wrong,
and by willingly surrendering this
over and over,
by and by
the door of the palace of wisdom and love
will swing open and you will be invited in
this is the wonder that awaits you
should you put down your weapons
of righteousness

but a word of caution…
it is not easy
and something within you will have to die
and that part will scream and tirade and whine
still you must allow it to go

only he, or she, who is empty and unarmed
may enter the palace.

Love’s Invitation

Love’s invitation
Is everywhere
At all times
In your life, your actions, in the world you see and feel
It lies hidden in every experience
Even the cruelty
That makes you turn away in shame and rage
In the horror and suffering
In the very things that make the righteous mind scream NO!
Even there, when you dive down to the deepest, most tender level
You will find love

The broken hearted lover
Is the most beautiful being of all
The one who wears their broken heart openly
Without shame or denial
But says ‘Yes I am smashed open
By the waves, by the suffering, by the loss, by the helplessness,’
This one is the true human being
For they have shed all the falseness and dissolved the mask
And now they live in the exquisite open splendor
Of the razor’s edge
Where brokenness and beauty have become
Love itself

The invitation is everywhere
All the time.