i cried back to life

when i realized
how i kept love at bay
and shut its grace
out of my life
and how i defended
the walls of my heart
as closely as possible
i cried
and those tears
that flowed for many a day
brought great nourishment
back to a dry and barren desert

since then new life has grown
in a rich and fertile land
such great abundance and joy aplenty
and enough to share with
anyone who passes by.

love and air

i cannot tell the difference
between love and air
i need both
to survive
both are equally neglected
and taken for granted
but i imagine
if we removed love
it would have the same effect
as removing the air
we would suffocate

you don’t really notice something
until its gone

but love and air
the invisible forces
are what holds it all together

we woud do well
to remember this
in these hateful days

coyote wisdom of the trickster

Coyote on the Trail Today

the poetry of the divine fool
his teaching says
‘do not get carried away
with yourself,
the truth is
you know nothing,
don’t get carried away
pretending you have
the keys to the palace of wisdom,
the greatest wisdom
is in knowing
that you know nothing

dance in the irony,
in the mystery,
dance in the madness
but remember
you are a fool
a clown
and a joker

and therein
lies your freedom.

Coyote on the Trail

I May Die Laughing and Crying

All we really know is
This one moment in eternity
This raw uncensored experience
That lasts for a breath in
And a breath out
And then
We disappear back
Into emptiness

All we know is
One moment in eternity

Yet we cannot see this preciousness
And we struggle and fight
And sink into our stories

There is no way
I can wrap up the whole of life
Or even try and understand it

Sometimes I just stand in awe
At the whole thing
And at other times
I am filled with an existential misery

The truth is I swing between these poles
Like a crazy trapeze artist.

I may die laughing and crying.

Leave the Prison

First you must become dis-illusioned
Only then can the illusion begin to dissolve
Becoming dis-illusioned is, it seems,
Both a blessing and a curse
A blessing if it brings the momentum
To go all the way HOME to a true state of being
But a curse if it leaves you in the limbo
Of between the worlds, neither
In one world nor another.
Don’t get stuck between the worlds
Press on
It is not enough to be dis-illusioned
You have to climb out of the world completely
You have to leave the prison
Not just realize you are in it.
There is a big difference.

the fire will never go out

there is a fire in my belly
that will never go out
it has always been there
like the spark of life itself
and even though I have experienced
pain, disappointment and failure
and many of my dreams
have dissolved into the dust
so the fire just keeps on burning
it will never go out
because it is not dependent on anything

it is the fire of life,
consciousness itself
in form
it is not really a fire
more a simple love that
god has for manifestation
and god has no care
how it looks.

cathedral of your soul

the mind talks narrative
it loves a good story
and wants you
to believe it
but mostly all it writes
is fiction

but your soul
speaks poetry
it describes a world
beyond all these stories
a world
the mind can only imagine

what the mind imagines,
is real for the soul

allow your consciousness to fall
forever, landing nowhere
opening so wide
everything falls in

and in that falling
you will fall past your heart
and find yourself
in the cathedral of your soul
and in that grandest of places
everything is beauty
if you can make your home
in this place
you will never worry
about anything again

and we will meet there
in silent awe and wonder.

the space between things

it all seems so together
like a film
all you see is the film and the story
but a film is composed
of separate images
all flashing
past the eye
so fast
it looks seamless

it is us who
makes it real
it is us who
give it meaning

and so we must look
to the space between things
if we want to find out
what is real

there is more to this film
than meets the eye.

don’t fight with the devil

don’t fight with the devil
you will never win
because even as you argue
you have already lost
its not the end result
the devil seeks
it is the fight itself
as long as the fight persists
the devil is happy

the devil is duality
the realm of the ego mind
it feeds on division
on right and wrong
on good and bad
it needs energy
to feed it
as much negative energy as possible
it is the realm of the hungry ghost
a horror story
that has us trapped
thinking we are free
but we fight and judge
and argue
our righteousness
and all that really happens is
the devil wins
and the world persists
in perpetual motion
and we run around
in this prison
of delusion
as though we were free

so when the devil picks a fight with you
and he will
don’t fight back
even though you know you are right
don’t pick up your weapon
and fight back
you will never win
as soon as you pick up that weapon
you have lost
and when you lose
we all lose

oh! if we all put down our weapons
and stopped all this fighting and feeding
the devil
something new would happen
on planet earth.