you are in my heart

even though i am helpless
to help you
i hold you close
in my tender heart
a heart broken open to love
whose healing waters have flooded
the dry and arid plains
of the mind’s defenses
a heart that sees the soul’s truth
beyond the petty games we humans play
the soul is love
it loves you no matter what you do
unconcerned with ideas
of success or failure
happiness or misery
the soul is love
always free
always as free as the eagle
that soars
into the heavens

so don’t worry
about anything
just see if you can
touch your soul’s sweet truth


Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash


fall inside

into the great unknown
that lives inside each of us
that is where we must voyage
to seek that which calls our name

yes, there is a voice
beckoning you from afar
if you get real quiet
on a still and balmy night
you may even hear it

it is your soul’s yearning
to find that voice
and dance with it
like rumi like the great poet

but you must fall inside first
and fall and fall
into the vast
and unknown universe
only that journey
will bring you
the treasure you seek.

A New Landlord

When love moved in
And took up permanent residence
It caused a lot of trouble
It told all the old dwellers to move out
Fear, regret, grievance
Self hate, even shame and intolerance
Were given notice
Of course they fought for a while
And hung on for dear life
But eventually they had to admit
The new landlord was ruthless
And set new standards
Love cleaned up the whole house
Threw out all the old and unwanted stuff
At first it was strangely quiet
And I almost missed the old inhabitants
With their crazy ways
But I soon got used to it
And it became quite ordinary.

And then truth moved in…..

Unruly Dog

I used to live in a house
With an unruly dog upstairs
He barked and growled
And was scared of almost everything
I tried for years
To control him
And train him
But nothing worked
Until I became exhausted
And demoralized
I even tried ignoring him
But that made him worse
I leashed him
It didn’t help
Eventually I abandoned all strategies and just sat with him, he with his anger
And me with my sadness and desperation
And pretty soon
We fell into the deepest silence
I began to cry
And then he began to howl
And before long there was crying and howling
And then laughing came
And even joy
And he began running around
And licking and wagging
And from that day on he has been
Like a puppy
And I have been pretty silent
Of course sometimes we both
But pretty soon we start howling and crying and laughing and barking
And it’s all alright again.

The Sun

When the sun burst through the clouds
I rejoiced
And when it hid again
I felt downhearted
Until I realized it was not
The sun that had gone into hiding
But me

If happiness is sought
In things that come and go
It is not real
Find that which does not
Come and go
And make that
Your home.

The Secret Garden of Tenderness

There is a secret garden
Within me
A place I go
To tend
To what is growing
No one has ever been there
Nor ever will
In that private place
Are the fragile seedlings
And the delicate buds
Of who I become
The me who writes these words
Has his roots
In that garden

I call it
The garden of tenderness
And beauty

What we nurture and tend to
Is what we become
It starts deep within.

chased by a ghost

for years i ran away from myself
hoping to find some peace
desperate to avoid my suffering

and then something happened

and i stopped running
turned and embraced the demon i was running from
and, to my great surprise,
i discovered that my suffering had been chasing me
to invite me home
and when i stopped for long enough
to hear the good news
everything turned upside down

from that day on
i no longer ran away
from any ghost

to live as stillness

to live as stillness
is the hardest challenge
being calm and peaceful
when all around may rage
like a tornado
requires great courage
and mindfulness

i am reminded of the bamboo
that thrashes around
yet at its core
it is gracefully peaceful

the world is as wild as the wind
it will never leave you alone
but you must learn the art
of leaving it alone

the tricksters invitation

my friend
i wish we could sit together
and loosen the grip
of this world
for one moment
we might gaze into
each other’s hearts
and see
what is truly there

we are like jewels
covered with coal
buried in earth
hidden from view

and only he, or she,
who seeks without end
who is prepared
to dig and dig
even when it looks helpless
and all may seem lost,
may stumble unwittingly
upon the mine

friend, know this,
the jewel may seem hidden from view
but don’t take the tricksters words
at face value
it could be right here
in the palm of your hand

don’t let your mind trick you
by placing everything at arms length
freedom does not dangle itself
in front of the donkey’s face
the farmer dangled the carrot
to trick the donkey
but the donkey was always free.