say nothing

speak no more
words of cruelty or fear
they do not serve
anything useful
hold back your righteous judgement
and burn up all that outworn

we are living in something new
and you are being left behind

the new vision that so many see
brings all things together
it unifies where once was separation
it offers compassion where once was hatred
it says yes where once was no
and it has its roots
in the heart and the belly
of love

only love can build a world of freedom
only love can bring everyone together

yet all we are sold is fear, because fear sells

end the world now i say

it is in your hands, and mine
it is you who ends the world of fear
by choosing love
again and again and again

say nothing
unless it has love
as its fragrance.


ushers of the new

come out from the shadows
and shine
this is the time
of the great new awakening
the old ways are tired and done
and the longing to live
in harmony
and peace
is upon us

when the sun shines
most brilliantly
the shadows seem so real
but they hide
unable to stand the test of the fire

we are the ushers of the new
all of us
and all that is really required
is to burn all our lies and delusions
and to come to rest in our
sacred heart

everything else will happen
by itself through grace
and divine orchestration.

we are made of light

we are designed with potential
hard wired into us

made of the same light
as the rest of the universe

we are the same
as the distant star
spinning in an unknown galaxy

we are black hole
and super nova

we have the potential
for cosmic consciousness
and all that comes with it

oh why! do we spend our lives
just coping, getting by, fighting, hating
warring, starving?

i say let us evolve beyond all this
and all of us, together,
take a step forward in our evolution
we have the potential
why not now we realize it?

and here it is, it starts with me
and you
in small ways we raise our vibration
by choosing love
by choosing peace
by choosing truth.

when the world throws arrows

when the world throws its arrows of discontent
keep still
when the thunder rages
and the dark clouds loom all around menacingly
keep still, keep still
when the chaos of the storm arrives
and destroys everything
keep still, keep still, keep still
when the madness, the mayhem, the raging
spins round and round
like a wild tornado
and sucks the world into itself
keep still, keep still, keep still, keep still

and when peace returns
and silence covers the valley
keep still
don’t move from stillness
don’t move from silence

don’t fight with the devil

don’t fight with the devil
you will never win
because even as you argue
you have already lost
its not the end result
the devil seeks
it is the fight itself
as long as the fight persists
the devil is happy

the devil is duality
the realm of the ego mind
it feeds on division
on right and wrong
on good and bad
it needs energy
to feed it
as much negative energy as possible
it is the realm of the hungry ghost
a horror story
that has us trapped
thinking we are free
but we fight and judge
and argue
our righteousness
and all that really happens is
the devil wins
and the world persists
in perpetual motion
and we run around
in this prison
of delusion
as though we were free

so when the devil picks a fight with you
and he will
don’t fight back
even though you know you are right
don’t pick up your weapon
and fight back
you will never win
as soon as you pick up that weapon
you have lost
and when you lose
we all lose

oh! if we all put down our weapons
and stopped all this fighting and feeding
the devil
something new would happen
on planet earth.


expect nothing – welcome everything

if you want the stuff of life
and maybe you do
then you have to jump through
many hurdles
and learn how to play the game
it may work 
or it may not

but if you want peace in your heart
drop all expectation of outcome
all expectation is born of your conditioning
and if it is dashed on the rocks of life
will lead to a barren and tortured heart

so expect nothing
but welcome everything that arrives
as a gift from god
even if it hurts you
or insults you
or takes away everything you love and own.

surely this is the hardest path of all
the path of welcoming everything
and it is an all or nothing path

i hear you say, ‘but what about my wife, my life, my house, my car, my savings, my work, how can i welcome the destruction of all this.’

because none of these things are you 
welcoming is the hardest path to liberation because we want it on our own terms
we want to barter and trade our way to enlightenment
but liberation and enlightenment want everything, all of you,
it is not for trading

and so when you expect nothing but welcome everything, even though it hurts so much you think you will die, but still you welcome it into your body and heart, you are offering god your very being.

and god will gladly take that.



once we were wild

somewhere deep in our dna
is the memory
of how we used to be

i call that our wildness

we became tamed and docile
so we could all live together

i call that our servitude

but no-one ever quite forgets
their wildness
it may drive their desire for beauty
or creativity or freedom

because we are still carrying
our ancestors in our blood and bones
even as we sit
in our suits and ties
and discuss important matters

and don’t imagine that you have to
be crazy or run amok
to remember your wild nature
it is much more subtle than that

that wildness is in your heart and soul
all you have to do is touch it
and taste it
because it is not really dead
until you are.

This was a picture from my wedding day, I am the one in the Antlers.
This was a picture from my wedding day, I am the one in the Antlers.