love is no hard edges

there is an exquisite beauty
in no hard edges
a softness and delicacy
easily forgotten
when we are trained for battle
most will never know this fragrance
and yet it’s simple nectar
gives life it’s joy
love is no hard edges
not love of someone or something
but love as our natural state
our abiding state of being
to be soft enough to allow the world
to flow in and out
with no resistance

like waves of energy
or the eternal divine breath of God

to know this
is to know peace
and the tranquility
of tenderness

what need of meditation
when there are no hard edges?
the whole of your life
is your meditation.



i dont mind what happens

i gave up wanting anything to be any different
than the way it is
and rather than causing me to sink into
powerlessness and depression
it actually liberated me
into great freedom and compassion…

there is one line that,
if you digest it deeply enough,
will liberate you.

krishnamurti said, “i don’t mind what happens.’

when i heard that it blew my mind and changed my life

it still does.

live a beautiful life

with whatever time you have left here
be beautiful
be beautiful for no reason
or every reason
and even if you have very little
be beautiful with it
love doesn’t need much
it is not greedy
or self centered
love is not an arrogant state
and those who bomb others
and wage war
or cling desperate to power
know nothing of love
or beauty
if you must give your allegiance to something
give it to the tenderness of love
live a beautiful life
be more open
share yourself freely
adore others as though they were yourself
cast off the shackles of fear
and be as free as you can
let the war mongers fight
but don’t let them steal your heart.

in love with softness

i am in love with the softness that reveals itself

when we let go of any defensiveness

when we open the door

and let everything pour in and out

such exquisite tenderness does not come easily

and so many spend their days struggling to avoid it

yet they miss the taste of love itself

this simple truth is the essence of my poetry and my life.

to live as stillness

to live as stillness
is the hardest challenge
being calm and peaceful
when all around may rage
like a tornado
requires great courage
and mindfulness

i am reminded of the bamboo
that thrashes around
yet at its core
it is gracefully peaceful

the world is as wild as the wind
it will never leave you alone
but you must learn the art
of leaving it alone

naked and undefended

let us meet
in the open field of spring’s bloom
naked and undefended
shameless and innocent
as we were once
in distant memory

all this mask wearing
and righteous indignation
is tiring
and everyone seems weary
we can’t go on like this

so let us lie down
in the green pastures
naked and true
bare our souls to the wind
and let the spring sun
burn away
everything false

we were born for freedom
and love
but we fell in a deep well
and now we struggle to
even see the sunlight.


An Exquisite Silent Majesty

In moments of the deepest contemplation
Of unfixed awareness
When the gaze is turned inwards
But not on any object
It is as though
I have entered a Cathedral
Of the greatest majesty
An exquisite silence pervades all things
And the very air pulses with presence
It is as though there were something vibrantly alive
In everything
And the quieter I become
The more alive it is

And I realize it is always here
And it is me who comes and goes

My true devotion is to that
Exquisite silence.

it’s ok

it’s ok to wake up with silence in your heart
even on a day like today
it’s ok, don’t put on the mask
just be tender and quiet

there is enough time
for everything else
but this tender sweetness
is something to savor

drink of the nectar of stillness
and it will nourish you
and prepare you
for all the doing to come.

this morning i sat at dawn
and took this picture
the sense of peace was astonishing
In Sausalito, San Francisco, California.

two faces

i have seen the face of love
and i have seen the face of fear

i have felt the liberating power of love
and the contraction and tightness of fear

i have stood naked and vulnerable
as love’s breath filled me
and nearly killed me

and i have stood still, trembling,
as fear occupied my body
with it’s dread
and it’s convincing words
whispered and screamed
in increasing urgency

only one of those faces
has any kindness

and although both of them burn
only one of those fires
can transform
sorrow to joy

fear is ego’s demonic face
and love’s arch enemy
for it knows in the face of love it will wither and perish
so it spins and twists and cavorts, writhes and cheats and screams
to stay alive and in control

love does not care, it is too busy blazing a trail
like a star across the night sky.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Soul’s True Home

If you live
From love
As love
With love
You do not need any religion
You do not need to awaken
Or change anything

If all your action in this world
Is rooted in love’s truth
You do not need to find your purpose
For you are the purpose

But the love I speak of
Is not easily found
It is not the teasing and taunting love
Of a fragile ego
It is not a love you can trade and barter

It is the love that holds the world
In tender embrace
And fiery compassion
It is the soul’s true home
The ground of being
And your essential nature

Live from that place
And see how your fire
Sets everything around you alight
And holds ground
While all around is madness and drama

If you live
From love
As love
With love
There is nothing more to do.