it’s ok

it’s ok to wake up with silence in your heart
even on a day like today
it’s ok, don’t put on the mask
just be tender and quiet

there is enough time
for everything else
but this tender sweetness
is something to savor

drink of the nectar of stillness
and it will nourish you
and prepare you
for all the doing to come.

this morning i sat at dawn
and took this picture
the sense of peace was astonishing
In Sausalito, San Francisco, California.


two faces

i have seen the face of love
and i have seen the face of fear

i have felt the liberating power of love
and the contraction and tightness of fear

i have stood naked and vulnerable
as love’s breath filled me
and nearly killed me

and i have stood still, trembling,
as fear occupied my body
with it’s dread
and it’s convincing words
whispered and screamed
in increasing urgency

only one of those faces
has any kindness

and although both of them burn
only one of those fires
can transform
sorrow to joy

fear is ego’s demonic face
and love’s arch enemy
for it knows in the face of love it will wither and perish
so it spins and twists and cavorts, writhes and cheats and screams
to stay alive and in control

love does not care, it is too busy blazing a trail
like a star across the night sky.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

Soul’s True Home

If you live
From love
As love
With love
You do not need any religion
You do not need to awaken
Or change anything

If all your action in this world
Is rooted in love’s truth
You do not need to find your purpose
For you are the purpose

But the love I speak of
Is not easily found
It is not the teasing and taunting love
Of a fragile ego
It is not a love you can trade and barter

It is the love that holds the world
In tender embrace
And fiery compassion
It is the soul’s true home
The ground of being
And your essential nature

Live from that place
And see how your fire
Sets everything around you alight
And holds ground
While all around is madness and drama

If you live
From love
As love
With love
There is nothing more to do.

Your True Power

If you can see through your own projection
And righteous judgement
And instead
See from an open heart
And an innocent mind
You will be doing yourself
And the world
A great service
The world doesn’t need your opinion
It needs your love
Your innocence
And your beauty
Because therein
Lies your true power.

the beauty of tenderness

in the midst of all this arguing
about who is right and who is wrong
is one who stands silent
with head bowed
and hands softly open

as the raging storm
lashes everything it touches
does this one remain peacefully still
refusing all invitations to drama

the beauty of tenderness
is easily forgotten
yet, like a fragrant flower
alone in the forest,
it captivates the heart
and reminds us
of our true nature

once i saw my true face
i could no longer fight
i laid down my arms
and walked away
as tears of love
rained down
upon a parched earth

there is no solution but love.



journey of journeys

you must go to the mountain top
or the cave
alone – if you seek to awaken –
without any friends or loved ones
when you return everyone will be your friend
and no one will be
as you leave for
your journey of journeys
take a look around
and you will not see the beloved anywhere
yet upon your return
the beloved is all you will see

god, love, truth, the beloved,
whatever you want to call the divine,
is always here
but we pretend to hide
like naughty children
hiding in the closet
from mum and dad

who are we kidding?

return to love

no matter how far you may roam
or how often you forget
and slip into fear or regret
or some other hole

you can always return to love
yes it may burn you
upon your return
and you may chastise yourself
for forgetting

but love’s ultimate balm
is clear of all that
it is just the fire itself
upon which you may throw
your stuff, your hurt pain and rage
and even,
wth some grace,
your self

from there you will rise anew
with nothing left to burn.

there is a sadness that shines

there is a sadness
that opens the door
to peaceful acceptance
of the wheel of life

and there is a grief which,
when opened to,
may bring
the most profound love

but both sadness and grief
are shunned and demeaned
by those who desperately
flap around on the surface
and so they may never know
peace or love

i turned my back
on all that
and dived down
into the darkness
and there, amongst the tears and regret,
the pain and the deep wounds,
lay the most exquisite jewels

and now i wear those jewels
every moment of every day
with a humble pride
that says
‘i am not afraid of the darkness or the shadows.’

only the deepest softness

i have tried to meet the world
meet my lover
and meet myself
in many different ways
over the long years of my life
i have tried to rage, argue and battle
I have tried to run and deny
i have been intolerant and indignant
have even stood aloof and arrogant
upheld by righteousness and superiority

but none of these tactics ever brought me
or anyone else


only one thing, only one measure
has worked every time
and that is to meet everything,
all experience, all form,
within and without,
with the deepest softness

i may not like it, want it or feel i need it
it may hurt like hell
and bring great sadness or pain
but when i allow
myself to surrender
into the deepest softness
something new happens
that opens the door
to majesty

not the loud majesty of pomp and pride
but the humble majesty
that may be unseen
yet extraordinarily beautiful
and sweet

when you get tired of fighting the world
or yourself
don’t give up and hang your head
in resignation
but surrender the fighter
to this deepest softness

we will meet there.

tenderness is a virtue

there is a harshness to this life
a demand to be strong
and forceful
its all about fighting for your rights
and the war on something
and the battle of the sexes
you have to be wary
and defended and cautious

oh! its exhausting just writing it..

my world is not like that at all
my world is about tenderness
and beauty and love
compassion and understanding and peace
my world is about recognition and respect
support and wisdom

this tenderness i speak of is not fragile
or weak
this love is not something less than fear or anger


these qualities are the fabric of the universe itself
they are the truth of our being
they are virtuous and dignified
they are wisdom lived

it is easy to follow the herd
and be angry and loud
to shout others down with some ill learned opinion

but it takes genuine heart
to soften oneself
into loves surrender
the warrior is one
who turns their back
on the crowd
and lives in humble strength
because they know it to be
the way.