From Being Everywhere To Being Somewhere

Some folks seem to love this life
They relish in the formness of it all
And gather things, and experiences
Like they belong here

Oh! how they like to play

While others, they don’t get along so well
There are some who don’t seem to get on well
At all
In fact they don’t take to being
In form one bit

Not everyone is the same

You see, being consciousness
And finding yourself
In form, even with its sensory delights,
Is not easy
From being everywhere
To suddenly being somewhere
Is tough

And many folks want to fly free
Beyond all this
I can understand that desire

I say liberate now while you wear this coat
Step out of the game
And off the wheel

Only the vastness of spiritual awakening
Can put an end to this endless cycle.



turning, turning, turning

everything is turning
on the same wheel
an eternal turning
of such beauty
it cannot be seen
or thought of

if you were to lie back
on a clear night
and watch the heavens
you might catch a glimpse

but that view would suggest
that somehow
you are watching it
and not in it


everything, all things
inside and outside
known and unknown
are turning, turning, turning
with a majesty
that makes me cry with
such an awe
i am rendered utterly speechless

to see this wonder for even a moment would render this life complete.

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

from the mountain to the marketplace

i too have glimpsed the eternal undying
nature of consciousness

in a moment of enlightenment
i saw time dripping into form
from the timeless
and i sat, stunned like kabir
at the turning of the wheel

yet still i had to return
to the mundane
to the shop and bank
to this life and all its suffering

and still mind chatted away
oblivious to the wonders i had seen
or the glory of my cosmic vision
it was as though my mind
had a loathing for all things
it didn’t comprehend

maybe it has glimpsed its own demise?

and thus my life became
a dance between
the formless and the form
and i realized this

mind is tenacious
it wont let go it’s steely grip easily
mind is a trickster
it will tell you, you have found gold
but it will be a yellow wrapper
mind does not want your liberation
but will tell you it does
and will abandon you
at the final moment

but don’t get me wrong
mind is a great friend and support
in this world
just don’t trust it
to tell you
who you really are
or what the heck is going on

so what am am i saying?

i am saying it is easy to catch a glimpse
of the ineffable beyond
or the great wheel turning in the heavens
but it is quite another bringing that
realization into your affairs
in the market place
or when someone cuts you up
on the road
but if your spiritual truth
doesn’t make it into your daily life
as a living reality
it’s just philosophy
not revolution.

Real Love Is An Invincible Field Of Consciousness

Real love is a field of consciousness
With no gate, no fence
And no boundary

Yet most are deceived
And only love in a prison
Of limitation
You cannot find the truth of love’s magnificence
When there is a gate
Or a fence
That doesn’t not mean
You become a mess of no boundaries
It means you are no longer threatened
By anything the world says or does
Because you have understood

That there is no world
Only a field of consciousness
Called love

All Unfolding Perfectly

I have come to the conclusion
That life has no meaning –
And therein lies its exquisite beauty
And its terrible horror.

We are the only thing that sees
Beauty or Horror
For the Eternal One
It is all the same
It is us who call
One thing suffering
And another thing grace
But to the Eternal One
It is all the same
It is us who long for
Things to be different
Or to have more time
Or to change some part of reality
But to the Eternal One
It is all unfolding perfectly

We find this so hard to hear.

There Is Only God

There is only God
Nothing is sacred unless
Everything is sacred
It sounds insane
That we could include the horror
As well as the transcendent beauty
But unless we can include
We will always be divided
And awakening has no division
Therefore EVERYTHING must be welcome
Even if it hurts so much
It almost kills us.
It’s not easy
It’s necessary

we are made of light

we are designed with potential
hard wired into us

made of the same light
as the rest of the universe

we are the same
as the distant star
spinning in an unknown galaxy

we are black hole
and super nova

we have the potential
for cosmic consciousness
and all that comes with it

oh why! do we spend our lives
just coping, getting by, fighting, hating
warring, starving?

i say let us evolve beyond all this
and all of us, together,
take a step forward in our evolution
we have the potential
why not now we realize it?

and here it is, it starts with me
and you
in small ways we raise our vibration
by choosing love
by choosing peace
by choosing truth.

nothing is far away

nothing is ever far away
death, heartbreak, or disaster
even enlightenment
is nearer than you think

when you stop all this movement
for one moment
and pause long enough
for silence to arrive
you will feel
a great intimacy
with everything that is
with the tree and the desk
the dog and the rain
the end and the beginning
even your pain might become
an intimate friend

because all things are wrapped up
in the same existence
and everything is great friends
with everything else.

a heart longing for freedom

the heart grows weary
of lies
it knows the truth
and longs to
be free
but no
is all it hears
“not now, not yet, but soon.”

a heart longing for freedom
from the tyranny of mind

i only started living
when i released
my wounded heart
from the prison
of my over protective mind

and now all i see
are unhappy prisoners
with freedom
in their eyes
locked up
and over protected

the heart longs for freedom
from the tyranny of mind.