we are made of light

we are designed with potential
hard wired into us

made of the same light
as the rest of the universe

we are the same
as the distant star
spinning in an unknown galaxy

we are black hole
and super nova

we have the potential
for cosmic consciousness
and all that comes with it

oh why! do we spend our lives
just coping, getting by, fighting, hating
warring, starving?

i say let us evolve beyond all this
and all of us, together,
take a step forward in our evolution
we have the potential
why not now we realize it?

and here it is, it starts with me
and you
in small ways we raise our vibration
by choosing love
by choosing peace
by choosing truth.

nothing is far away

nothing is ever far away
death, heartbreak, or disaster
even enlightenment
is nearer than you think

when you stop all this movement
for one moment
and pause long enough
for silence to arrive
you will feel
a great intimacy
with everything that is
with the tree and the desk
the dog and the rain
the end and the beginning
even your pain might become
an intimate friend

because all things are wrapped up
in the same existence
and everything is great friends
with everything else.

a heart longing for freedom

the heart grows weary
of lies
it knows the truth
and longs to
be free
but no
is all it hears
“not now, not yet, but soon.”

a heart longing for freedom
from the tyranny of mind

i only started living
when i released
my wounded heart
from the prison
of my over protective mind

and now all i see
are unhappy prisoners
with freedom
in their eyes
locked up
and over protected

the heart longs for freedom
from the tyranny of mind.


what matters

only the inner life matters
this whole experience is really
a conversation between you and god
between form and formless

only the inner life matters
the questions you ask and the answers you receive
and the love you feel for existence
and non existence

only the inner life matters
and the perceptive canvas
is there to point you
to that inner life

it is a humbling realisation
and one that draws a tear
and even a sadness
from this tired warrior.

Kavi Hockaday-1163 copy

disillusionment on the path

there is nothing wrong with
becoming disillusioned 
in fact it is a vital part
of awakening

when all illusion dissolves
only what remains
is true

what dissolves is everything we knew
to be real
and it is all exposed as fake
false perception
and erroneous beliefs

it can be quite a shock
but one must learn to live
in a constant state
of disillusionment 
and not let some
idea or belief
sneak back in and replace
what was there

nothing new must be built
in place of the old
we must maintain
that state of emptiness
prior to all illusion
even if, at first,
it might make the world
look bleak and meaningless

the world is drama itself

listening to the rain drip through the gutter
in the early morning darkness
opening the story of the world
that beams from this screen
sipping bulletproof coffee
and feeling the portent
and the potential 
of it all

i stay open and grateful


Let Your Soul Light Shine

In the final moments of life
As you draw your last breath
And this world begins to dissolve
It will not be what you own
Or what you have done
That you remember

It will be what happened
In your heart and soul

These are the two parts of you
That transcend this reality

And you carry them with you
Into the other dimension

And that is why I say
‘Live from your soul and from your heart.’

time is the greatest thief

time will steal everything you own
it will take your loved ones
your possessions
and your body
it will not stop
until everything has gone
time has an insatiable thirst
to devour life itself
it lives on existence
and never stops its feeding frenzy

and yet when you try and find
the greatest villain of all 
you will find nothing
but an illusion

oh! time
you are such a trickster
you exist
and you don’t exist
how is that possible?

you stop my feverish mind
in it’s tracks.
Religion and Nature

A Letter To My Own Ego

I realise you have my best interests at heart

And I understand that you are trying to protect me

And I know that you are prone to swing

Between great fear and great pride

I also know you have cast yourself as the driver
Of the vehicle

Though how you even ended up in the front seat

Is beyond me!
Let alone take over as driver!

And I am truly sympathetic to your cause, 
truly I am

I have to tell you

That I worry about you
Your ability to make true and clear decisions

Is precarious

You seem overly neurotic at times

And so hell bent of my survival

That you forget how to live!
Why do you put everything down all the time?
Why are you always saying, ‘That’s not good enough or ‘That’s not right?’

I mean, let me just ask you this:
‘How do you feel about the unknown?’
 ‘How do you deal with deep feelings, or even the mystery of life?’
I thought so…not so good.
Do you have to know EVERYTHING!


And thats where I have to step in and, I’m afraid, overrule you.

OK it is time for some truth and a redress of power.
The fact is life is not that great when you are the driver, sole decision maker,

Judge and jury of my world.
That is not what you are here for. I know you think you are, but I’m sorry, you are not.
You are superb at doing things that need to be done. You are excellent at navigating the world, and weighing up left and right, up and down etc etc.
But you are just a part of the decision making process, and you need to be in your rightful place.
You can become kind of demonic left to your own devices.
Yes I know, I’m sorry too. I don’t know how it all happened, it just kinda became that way over the years without me noticing.
And yes, I know, all the other people have egos the size of planets and are all out of control.
But that is not an excuse. You can’t play the ‘if you can’t beat em, join em,’ game, here.
I am calling this to account. It is time.
You will thank me in the long run.
Because you are not really designed to run the whole show.
Here, let me spell it out.
You are supposed to be a great servant to the cause. But you have taken over control of the kingdom and you run it, quite frankly, terribly. You run it like a neurotic tyrant.
I have had enough of your stories, tantrums, excuses, your blaming and shaming, and your lashing out at other people, and your lashing out at me!
It is over. I love you but you are a demanding toddler sometimes.
So it is over.