love and truth

i searched for love
inside truth

and i searched for truth
inside love

and i found them
nestling together

like lovers hiding
in each others arms

the sun and the moon
are always dancing
to the divine music
of what is.



naked and undefended

let us meet
in the open field of spring’s bloom
naked and undefended
shameless and innocent
as we were once
in distant memory

all this mask wearing
and righteous indignation
is tiring
and everyone seems weary
we can’t go on like this

so let us lie down
in the green pastures
naked and true
bare our souls to the wind
and let the spring sun
burn away
everything false

we were born for freedom
and love
but we fell in a deep well
and now we struggle to
even see the sunlight.


turn to face the broken

if you expect these words to be positive
look away
i am not concerned with being positive
i am for what is real
and that means sometimes
turning to face the broken
and the messy
it means looking deep into
the heart of the darkness
i would rather face the agony of the truth
than the pretence of the lie
for in turning around
to meet sorrow and suffering
our steely hearts may break
and from that broken place
may pour the milk of human kindness
and without kindness
there is nothing but
an empty existence.

The Mystic Within

There is a mystic within you

They may be hidden deep inside
Covered over by layers of concrete and mortar

There is a wild one
Who does not measure things
In the ways of modern man

Don’t think our ancestors died long ago
Oh no
They live inside us

We locked up the wild man and woman
Fearing they were base and primitive
But it is the jailer himself
Who is in prison

This wildness I speak of is our poetry
Our dance and our longing
It is our search for the deepest love

It is that which truly sustains us
And gives life to this bag of bones and fluid

Whatever else you do with this precious life
Don’t abandon your inner wild one
You don’t have to run naked in the street
All you have to do is follow
Your deepest yearning

And be true to your heart.

this radiant unconditionality

in profound and total acceptance
of one human being for another
everything heals
all wounds and traumas lose their power
and crumble to dust

this radiant unconditionality
is the light that shines through the cracks
the light poets write of
and singers sing of
it is the source of the seekers seeking

everything that was fragmented
(and so much of us is fragmented)
either falls away or aligns

if you can love like that
or you can find a love like that
or love yourself like that
well my friend
you are whole
and you are home

Special treat!
This was a live improvisation I did at a recent retreat held by my wife in Santa Cruz, California. It is a listening experience, a meditation, not entertainment. I hope you enjoy it!

Patterns Weaving

All I seem to see now
Are patterns
And waves
As though life itself
Were but one single thing
One single tapestry
Of form
Weaving in and out
Between the visible and the invisible
At moments I recoil
In staggered wonder
As I see the whole of existence
The universe, stars, and the firmament itself
You and me and the tiny ant
As just shapes of energy
Coming in and out
In and out

At times I lose interest
In our individual stories
Of greatness or suffering
And collapse into
The deepest acceptance and awe

At other times I love
The way the pattern weaves itself
Through us all
With its delicate nuances
We call our lives

My oh my! What astonishing
Divine intelligence
Is behind all this?

this ordinary ecstasy


arrived out of the demolition

of self

before love’s truth could flower

all the weeds had to die

don’t imagine it is easy

to surrender the desperate self

but know it is necessary

if love is to blossom

meeting another with no defense

with no armor and no weapons

brings into existence

an ordinary ecstasy

that is worth every moment

of the death rattle

of the one that clings to life.

the only human left

in the face of great horror
dont turn away
when the world offers you its worst
and evil doers run rampant
don’t turn away

if you are the only human left
after chaos has reigned supreme
don’t turn away

but stand with head bowed,
and be witness as love
don’t close your heart
no matter what life may throw at you
no matter what mara’s you see
stay open as love

for your only real choice is
to close or open
you cannot control what is outside you
but you can turn away
or stay open
and everything must be witnessed.