time based and body bound

what are we
beyond all this?

locked up in these shells
time based and body bound

subject to cosmic laws
we don’t understand

we grapple and struggle
to make sense of this
we plead with the wise
to explain
our predicament

we search the heavens
for company

but we remain
time based and body bound
each of us
a momentary appearance

in the mind of god

each time i try and
understand all this
my mind collapses
and i am left without words.

love and air

i cannot tell the difference
between love and air
i need both
to survive
both are equally neglected
and taken for granted
but i imagine
if we removed love
it would have the same effect
as removing the air
we would suffocate

you don’t really notice something
until its gone

but love and air
the invisible forces
are what holds it all together

we woud do well
to remember this
in these hateful days

the metal whales in the bay

the metal whales
sang their sad songs
in the san francisco bay
all night we heard
their mournful pleas
as they slid quietly away
to unknown places
i couldn’t help
but feel the melancholy
of their existence
and a great tenderness
was upon me
by the morning.

the space between things

it all seems so together
like a film
all you see is the film and the story
but a film is composed
of separate images
all flashing
past the eye
so fast
it looks seamless

it is us who
makes it real
it is us who
give it meaning

and so we must look
to the space between things
if we want to find out
what is real

there is more to this film
than meets the eye.

we hide in the illusion

each day the pattern is the same
and we face an existential abyss
of being

standing between the story
and the story less
between the past and future
and the eternal present

we hide in the illusion
and pretend it’s real
we build the world
and fight our wars
feather our nests
and do our chores

anything but face the truth
that when we stop
all the chasing and running
we meet the void
and fall to our death

our glorious death
that brings life
and awakens us
to the splendor of reality

you can play in the illusion
but never take it too seriously
or your suffering, and the suffering of those around you
will be great.

One Thing

Pull one thread and the universe unravels
Because everything is one thing
All the same silken divine thread
From the lowly worm to the cosmic star
All one inexplicable thing
Called God.
What a realization that is.
– Kavi Jezzie Hockaday

“Self is only an idea, a mortal idea.
That which passes through everything, is one thing.
The world you see is just a movie in your mind.”
– Jack Kerouac



this world needs lovers

i would love to show you the spendour of your true self
i would love to tear down the walls that hide your magnificence
and say ‘there you are!’ 
and watch as you fall to the floor
tears flowing and heart blown wide open
into unconditional love
i would give everything to tear off the mask
that prevents you from seeing
who you really are…

you, i mean you
you who reads these words
not my intimate lover
not even a self penned poem
but you

this world needs lovers
it needs the magnificent ones
the trail blazers
the ones blown open
and unafraid of anything fear can offer

and only when each of us accepts our own magnificence
and glory as the light of god
beyond all recrimination of the mind
will we become an army of lovers
ready to rid the world of fear and hate

this is a a poem of transcendence not belief
its not about religion it’s about freedom from religion
only when one has gone beyond all belief systems
beyond the mind’s constant need to judge and measure
can one be free
and the free are always full of love and truth

this world needs lovers not haters
and that is you and me, my friend.


the sea is awake

the sea is awake
today it sang to me of love and sadness
and whispered sweetness
as it shivered and rolled

the sea is alive
a creature
a god
that appears as one
and yet is many
it holds life, gives life, ends life
and it is life

the sea is beauty to behold
and is my teacher
it teaches me
everything i need to know
about form and formlessness

oh yes! the sea is awake
and i am in love 

sea-is-awake-2 sea-is-awake-3 sea-is-awake sf-in-darkness

I Came Here For a Reason

I did not incarnate just to be a robot
I came here for a reason
That reason reveals itself the more I wake up
And it doesn’t involve towing the line and behaving myself
It involves doing what I know is true
I know my commitment to awakening is the most revolutionary thing I can do
I serve the world by awakening fully to the truth of my essential nature, and from that place I act according to a true impulse
I did not incarnate just to be a robot
I will bust out of any box
I find myself in
Life is short
And there are things that must be done
That I alone can do

Let these words send a clear message
To my unconscious
That NOW is the time,
No more delaying tactics
Or subtle trickery
I am like the sun
Born to shine the light
On all darkness.