stillness and movement

this morning i looked out
and saw a wondrous sight
this vast empty fullness met me
an ocean stretched out in blue perfection
seemed to kiss the sky as it came down to greet it.
the pacific!
and as i watched it roll and shimmer and crash upon the shore
it seemed so still yet so fluid
such stillness and movement
and i wondered why it is so hard for us
to be like this
today the ocean is my master.

I am in Muir Beach, California.


falling into pisces moon

there she hangs
serene and momentous
powerful beyond measure
calling us
deeper into the darkness

pisces moon
hanging by a thread in the heavens
feeling everything

she tugs and pulls
at our fragile hearts
inviting us to break open
and fall into the ocean…

i go willingly
scared but willing
to dissolve
into her

my death is my liberation.

breathing under water

is it possible
to meet life fully
and let the ocean
drown you
until you learn to breathe
under water?

or must we all
try and fight back
the waves
as they crash
upon us?

oh! the endless
pushing back
against the world
makes you so weary

you cannot stop the water
so i say

let it in
let it all in
surrender yourself completely
let it break your heart wide open
until there is nothing left
to protect
and there you will find
the freedom
you seek

there are only two choices
breakdown or breakthrough.

the vast blue ocean

it doesn’t matter how you do it
or which path you take
i don’t care what transport you use
or if you have to walk

just find your way
to the vast blue ocean
to the sky fields
make it all you want
set your inner eye
on that bliss
of freedom
that lies beyond the valley

and never stop
until you reach it
it may take no time
it may take a lifetime
some roads will lead nowhere
and you may feel like giving up


just find your way
to the vast blue ocean
to the sky fields

every ounce of pain and fear
rage and regret
is nothing
compared to a drop of that water

let us meet there
and swim together
in eternity.

the metal whales in the bay

the metal whales
sang their sad songs
in the san francisco bay
all night we heard
their mournful pleas
as they slid quietly away
to unknown places
i couldn’t help
but feel the melancholy
of their existence
and a great tenderness
was upon me
by the morning.


We fell into the tempest
And were swept off our feet
Dragged into the eye
Of the storm
It all seemed so personal
Until we realised
That we are at the mercy
Of forces beyond our control
There is a galactic wave
That runs through everything
They used to call it ‘the gods’
But now I can see
It is the force of evolution
That drives all things

The only thing
That really drives man mad
Is his own mind.

the sea is awake

the sea is awake
today it sang to me of love and sadness
and whispered sweetness
as it shivered and rolled

the sea is alive
a creature
a god
that appears as one
and yet is many
it holds life, gives life, ends life
and it is life

the sea is beauty to behold
and is my teacher
it teaches me
everything i need to know
about form and formlessness

oh yes! the sea is awake
and i am in love 

sea-is-awake-2 sea-is-awake-3 sea-is-awake sf-in-darkness

simply being is not a practice

sitting here
not trying to be some place else
no attempt to move away
allowing all wanting
and all aversion
to be as it is
watching the rush of  thought
as it speeds across the sky
of consciousness
and to simply sit
in the great allowing
with a silent and grateful

it is not a practice,
it’s for real.
you don’t practice peace
you become it.
don’t practice silence
you are it.

the art of simply being
is true meditation .

without love

without love
there is nothing
but a dry, unliveable
love is like water
we cannot live without it

without love we will crawl
the dry desert gasping
and begging God
to spare us this agony

and God will simply
accept out protestations
as a loving parent
holds an unruly child.