Set Yourself Free

Cut loose the ropes
That hold you down
Untether them
And allow yourself
To drift upwards
Into the vast sky
Don’t worry about
Losing touch with reality
There is no reality
It’s a game, a mirage
An illusion
It’s a trap
That blocks your beauty
And your truth
Just untether
And allow the wind
To carry you
Into your space nature.


The Sun

When the sun burst through the clouds
I rejoiced
And when it hid again
I felt downhearted
Until I realized it was not
The sun that had gone into hiding
But me

If happiness is sought
In things that come and go
It is not real
Find that which does not
Come and go
And make that
Your home.

stillness and movement

this morning i looked out
and saw a wondrous sight
this vast empty fullness met me
an ocean stretched out in blue perfection
seemed to kiss the sky as it came down to greet it.
the pacific!
and as i watched it roll and shimmer and crash upon the shore
it seemed so still yet so fluid
such stillness and movement
and i wondered why it is so hard for us
to be like this
today the ocean is my master.

I am in Muir Beach, California.

don’t let your soul dry up

even though you may get old and tired
and your body wither and shrink
your joints may creak and groan
like a weary engine
yet still
don’t let your soul dry up

your spirit is eternally young
timeless and free
it is not bound by the same rules
as your body
and our error
is to think it is

so let the body do its thing
but don’t be fooled

it is not you, and it never was
you are forever free
and open
don’t dry up
stay free until
your last breath

you are much too wonderful
for that fate.

the vast blue ocean

it doesn’t matter how you do it
or which path you take
i don’t care what transport you use
or if you have to walk

just find your way
to the vast blue ocean
to the sky fields
make it all you want
set your inner eye
on that bliss
of freedom
that lies beyond the valley

and never stop
until you reach it
it may take no time
it may take a lifetime
some roads will lead nowhere
and you may feel like giving up


just find your way
to the vast blue ocean
to the sky fields

every ounce of pain and fear
rage and regret
is nothing
compared to a drop of that water

let us meet there
and swim together
in eternity.


We fell into the tempest
And were swept off our feet
Dragged into the eye
Of the storm
It all seemed so personal
Until we realised
That we are at the mercy
Of forces beyond our control
There is a galactic wave
That runs through everything
They used to call it ‘the gods’
But now I can see
It is the force of evolution
That drives all things

The only thing
That really drives man mad
Is his own mind.

without love

without love
there is nothing
but a dry, unliveable
love is like water
we cannot live without it

without love we will crawl
the dry desert gasping
and begging God
to spare us this agony

and God will simply
accept out protestations
as a loving parent
holds an unruly child.


the heart of your darkness

we fear the shadows

but really
it is our own darkness
we fear
we are a species
terrified of itself

when you have seen
the heart of your darkness
you will be whole 
but while you deny it
and push it away
in favour of
just the light
you will be
by the ghosts
and demons
of your shadow world

life is not light or shadow
life is whole
it is all things
it is you
who favours one
over the other

be whole, embrace everything

causeless joy in a miserable world

i have tried to be miserable and troubled
i have tried to believe
what people are saying and thinking
that the world has gone mad
and we are all doomed

but the truth is…

only my return to causeless joy
can meet the dawn sun
with a welcoming heart

some may think
it is easy to hate and fear
but it is not true.
it is a hard path, it is suffering itself
and it creates only misery

why offer more pain
to the world?
why not rest
in causeless joy
and smile and laugh
and love
with great abandon
even as we burn?
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