The Time World

We are bound by invisible chains
We call them seconds, minutes, hours, days and years
We arrived here from a timeless dimension
Innocent and naive
And destined for departure from the time world
Our pristine brilliance
Of no body, no self, no thing
Became corrupted
By our senses
And the veil came down upon us
All we know is time
It has us completely enslaved
Our very thinking is based on it
Everything and everyone is trapped
Like prisoners in time itself
With death the only escape
And each of us meets time
At the end he shakes our hand, kisses our cheek
And ushers us away

Only the master, the awakened one
The wise sage
Can see the illusion
And yet we live in the days
When many are beginning to see the light
All our eyes are opening
To something new and unseen
For many the illusion is too great
And the attachment too strong
They clutch and grab for power
Desparate to cling hold of that
Which is crumbling to dust
Before their very eyes

Don’t be fooled by time my brother and sister
Don’t be conned by your own perception
There is something vast everywhere
Inside and outside
It is here now, in this micro moment
At the edge of your senses
Through the door of the unknown

To be in this world
But not of it
To know it as a dream
But to live it fully anyway
To cherish each fleeting moment
But to stand outside time
This is wisdom
And unconditional love

Time is real…..but not that real.



it’s ok

it’s ok to wake up with silence in your heart
even on a day like today
it’s ok, don’t put on the mask
just be tender and quiet

there is enough time
for everything else
but this tender sweetness
is something to savor

drink of the nectar of stillness
and it will nourish you
and prepare you
for all the doing to come.

this morning i sat at dawn
and took this picture
the sense of peace was astonishing
In Sausalito, San Francisco, California.

untether and run free

the heart, weary of being tamed
longs for the freedom of the wild
running here and there
wherever love may lead
untethered like a wild mustang

but the tethered mind
says no
‘later,’ it says
‘first we must attend to business
and seek safety.’

ah! so many souls
caught betwixt and between
pulled incessantly one way
and dragged back the other

i say
the mind offers so much
yet cannot deliver freedom
don’t be deceived
by it’s fine words and confident display

go where the wild winds blow
and find safety beyond mind
untether and run for the hills
let the wind make you crazy
until freedom becomes you

only then can you return to the city.


From me here in Sausalito, California, to you wherever you are, may you be well, joyous and uplifted in 2018, and fly into your truth more and more.

The world needs your freedom.

Thank you for liking and reading my poems over this year, I truly appreciate all the comments interest, I still find it surprising to be doing this, but it definitely feels right for me.

With great respect and love.



two faces

i have seen the face of love
and i have seen the face of fear

i have felt the liberating power of love
and the contraction and tightness of fear

i have stood naked and vulnerable
as love’s breath filled me
and nearly killed me

and i have stood still, trembling,
as fear occupied my body
with it’s dread
and it’s convincing words
whispered and screamed
in increasing urgency

only one of those faces
has any kindness

and although both of them burn
only one of those fires
can transform
sorrow to joy

fear is ego’s demonic face
and love’s arch enemy
for it knows in the face of love it will wither and perish
so it spins and twists and cavorts, writhes and cheats and screams
to stay alive and in control

love does not care, it is too busy blazing a trail
like a star across the night sky.

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

dissolve fear to dust

no matter what fear tries
what devilish tactics it unleashes
or how corrupting it appears
no matter how much it splits us
into separate islands
it will never
eradicate that which heralds it’s death

for love is the energy of life itself
pure in its essence
pristine and unimaginable
like the sun
it will never go out

and fear is just a shadow
a ghost that haunts us and terrifies us
until we see
that the ghost is nothing more
than a wound wearing a white sheet
making a lot of scary noise

our task, yours and mine
is to stop running away from all fear
to turn around
and hold out our sun arms
and offer a love so powerful
it dissolves fear to dust
in an instant

the worst fear is on the inside of man
in his own 
heart and mind.

the river

i am in some kind of vast river
sometimes floating serenely downstream
now turning a corner
and faced with crazy rapids
that threaten to engulf me
i get caught between rocks
in eddies and nooks
and must wait patiently
for freedom to come
as if by itself
my struggle makes it worse
and my acceptance makes it easier
but still nothing changes it
it started when i arrived
and i expect this river
to carry me all the way
to the ocean
from the spring of birth
to the ocean of death
always navigating the river

oh! mysterious intelligence
that brought me here
what do you want from me?

Photo by Dan Roizer on Unsplash

eternity and time

i have lived on the outside of things
all my life
consumed by a loathing of the mediocre
carrying a fire
in my belly
and a heart that burns
for freedom

for some of us
being incarnated in a time based organism
trying to squeeze consciousness
into this tiny shell
is like trying to fit
eternity into an hour glass
it won’t happen

my awakening came
when i realized
that i am not one thing or another
not eternal once
and then become a human hour glass
but both
eternity and time itself

i knew myself as BOTH!

and all my problems fell away
and the fire that burned for freedom
became a love that loved everything
and everyone
there was no more conflict within
no more trying to squeeze myself
into being human
and no more desire to escape

it is simple
i am eternity
arising as form
destined to return
to eternity
while here as form
i am still eternity
the wave is still the ocean
and the ocean is always the wave.

Everything is Connected

All things that exist
Are connected to each other
In ways we cannot see or know

And subtle waves
That run through existence
Carry messages from everything
To everything else

If you pull on one piece
Of this mesmeric tapestry
The effect nearby will be great
And further away
It will become less and less obvious

And equally, we imagine ourselves separate
From each other
But we are connected in the same way
Each of us affecting the rest
Like an enormous family

If only we could understand this one thing
We may be able to restore some sanity
To humanity

Alas, I fear the worst,
That this simple understanding
Is out of reach
For most
And we must blunder on in our self deception
And suffering.

throw away the coat of falseness

there is something that animates us
some mysterious force
that drives us all
yet we pay it scant regard
as we rush here and there
in our importance
we are like skaters on ice
oblivious to the darkness
that lies below our feet

but without touching your essence
without knowing, and i mean directly through experience,
what lies deeper down
there can be no true wisdom
wisdom is depth articulated
and depth is where essence is touched

i played the game of the superficial ones
for a time
but i failed
i nearly suffocated
and died of tedium
for time wasted
on triviality

instead i walked into the air
stepped into the fire
tore myself to pieces
drowned in the ocean
left everything behind
wept, screamed, danced wildly
kept silent for days
and threw away the coat of falseness

and arrived at essence
now there is only this walking essence-ness

friend, you are here such a short time
never here again in this body, with this mind
don’t waste it on things that don’t serve your
beautiful radiance

turn towards the sun
and surrender to the force..