i gave myself to love’s fire

for most of my life
i ran from the fire
preferring to stay in the cold
unable to take the heat
and then, through grace,
a fire so bright
found me, ripe and ready,
and drew me towards it
like the moth to the flame
i gave myself to that fire
wholly and fully
without holding anything back
and that fire burned up
everything that was useless
until i stood
naked and free
and gloriously innocent

my life now is just this
beauty and joy
there are no words to describe
the blessing
of such a love
as this.



The Door of Sadness

When I look deep into your heart
I see a great sadness
And I want to say to you
‘There it is, go through it!’
Because I know
Through that door
Lies your joy and FREEDOM.

The feelings in life we avoid
Are our doorways
To liberation.

Avoid nothing.

Even the Stars Bowed Down

Overwhelmed by all this insanity
And the fever of his own life
Finally caught up with by
His tormenters
Did he sit
In such a silence
That the world stopped
And in that bitter sweet moment
The sky opened its heart
The moon shed its tears
And the sun offered it’s light
He lifted his weary head
And beheld a beauty
Of such Heavenly wonder
That even the stars bowed down
And the universe stopped breathing

From that cessation of all things
Does time come
Dripping, precious moment
By precious moment,
Creating this world

Upon seeing this
He was finished
The game was over.

Look upwards and inwards
My friend
Don’t believe what you see
Beyond your senses
Is a truth
That would shatter
The mind of even the most ardent

Self is a Ghost

I am as unimpressed by self importance
As I am self unimportance
All this self obsession
Is a serious misunderstanding
Of the truth of things
The awakening that is sought by many
Puts an end
To elevating or demeaning self
Because self is suddenly seen
As illusory
Why would you
Bow down to something
That doesn’t exist?
Awakening is the end of the imagined self
And what a relief that is.


Set Yourself Free

Cut loose the ropes
That hold you down
Untether them
And allow yourself
To drift upwards
Into the vast sky
Don’t worry about
Losing touch with reality
There is no reality
It’s a game, a mirage
An illusion
It’s a trap
That blocks your beauty
And your truth
Just untether
And allow the wind
To carry you
Into your space nature.

Falling Into Grace

Each day I choose to open
To the mystery
Of the unknown

I wake up as the unknown
From the dream world
Suddenly I arrive
In a body
From the formless place
Of sleeps vastness

And quickly the known
Floods into my consciousness
Who I am, what I do
And where I am

And with it come all the thoughts
Like the dam has broken
And thought water
Is flooding in
Seeking certainty and safety
And control
‘What about this?’
‘What about that?’
And then fear arises, and anxiety
And doubt
The past and future
Come barreling into the present
Like gatecrashers
At a chilled party

And then I stop
And I ask myself
‘What do I really know
To be true?’
The truth is I know nothing..

I am so sick of the known
Of the endless patterns
Everything is worn out
Except falling endlessly
Into the grace of the unknown
So I’m surrendering all this
To God. Not to some old fashioned God
But to the eternal mysterious intelligence
That carries the whole thing
While we scurry around like
Self important ants.

I’m done with control
I will meet you in the mystery
But leave what you think you know
At the door.

Death’s Great Power

In awareness and embracement
Of death’s doorway
We savor the bitter sweet
Experience of life
And celebrate existence itself

In denial and fear
Of death’s finality
We clutch at the illusion
Of power
And build emboldened castles
Even as the tide
Draws inwards

We take nothing with us
But our love
Or our fear
And only love
Opens the secret doorway.

you are in my heart

even though i am helpless
to help you
i hold you close
in my tender heart
a heart broken open to love
whose healing waters have flooded
the dry and arid plains
of the mind’s defenses
a heart that sees the soul’s truth
beyond the petty games we humans play
the soul is love
it loves you no matter what you do
unconcerned with ideas
of success or failure
happiness or misery
the soul is love
always free
always as free as the eagle
that soars
into the heavens

so don’t worry
about anything
just see if you can
touch your soul’s sweet truth


Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash