Don’t Deny Yourself

Lacking the bravery needed for wildness
He tied himself to the world
And learned it’s rules
Kept his head down
And gradually died
Of a broken heart.

Coyote on the Trail Today

without a story

without a story, a narrative, a past
what is there?
just this silent presence
no noise
no story teller
no righteousness
no victim

just this
of being.

I Entered This World Trembling

I entered this world trembling with anticipation
Excited to see what the fuss was about

Yet fearful of being trapped in a body

Limited in space and time

It has taken me sixty short long years

To get any where near understanding

What on earth is going on
And I have concluded
That matters of man are small

He is preoccupied with power, sex and self
But the mystery of life itself
How and why we exist
And what it is we really are
These are elegant and beautiful questions to ask

When I exit this world I may tremble with anticipation
There will be great sadness leaving the familiar
And of course my beloved
But I arrived unattached and free
And I feel honor bound
To meet my death the same way

We have no idea what this experience really is
We make up stories to explain this
Totally overwhelming wonder we call life
And yet we spend our days distracted by things
That don’t matter

If I could invite you to anything
It would be to remember, somehow, even with your imagination
When you first arrived
And to then cast your eye, even with your imagination
To when you might leave
And then to step back and wonder
Without forming any conclusion
But simply to allow the unknown
To wash you clean of everything you think you know.

turn towards simple beauty, you are a zen master

in the simplicity of zen mind
everything is beauty
because it is as it is

and it is us who bring complexity and confusion
we who bring doubt and divide existence 
it is us who create the duality we live in
in zen mind there is no good or bad
or right or wrong, there is no judgement upon things

this is not a cold, loveless state
not a denial of suffering
but instead is a simple turning towards 
the truth of things
and seeing with the eyes of god

turn again towards your experience 
and look from awareness, not self,
and maybe you will catch a glimpse
of the is-ness of things unfolding
moment by moment 
no reason
no interpretation
no judgment
just this

what peace, what emptiness 
what beauty, what love

thats it, that’s all it is
simple beauty
you are a zen master


with hands and heart open

we spend our days
pulling our old wounded self around
like an old bag of stuff
trying to run away into the future
but, like a dark shadow,
no matter how fast we run,
there it is, always with us…

turn, i say, turn and meet whatever is there
whoever they are, whatever they want,
it’s always love calling you
stop running away
and turn, softly, with open hands
and welcome your own darkness
no fixing, no story, no reason, no blame
just the open hands of acceptance
welcome whatever comes
whatever the old pain
let it scream and wail and rage against life
just stay with hands open

by and by, sooner or later
you may begin to notice
nothing behind you,
the bags will be gone
you will be traveling free and easy
untethered by what was
and now fully available to meet life
with no agenda or expectations
freedom is presence
presence has let go of the bags
and walks with hands and heart open.

the place of jewels

to the mind everything is separate

to the heart everything is one

you get to choose

where you place your allegiance

one road leads to suffering

the other to peace

but the path of the heart

demands a surrender of the defended self

and it will do anything, and say anything,

to maintain its idea of control

the path of the heart

invites you to let go the clench fist

and fall willingly into the unknownness

you may see your life flashing by

don’t clench

you may feel a terror of existential aloneness

don’t clench

the whole game may come to a crashing end

still don’t clench 

the path of the heart will eventually take you

to the cathedral of your soul

the place of jewels


Photo by J de Gier on Unsplash

Take Awakening With You

Take awakening with you,
Don’t leave in the meditation room
Or at the beautiful retreat
But carry it with you into the mess
Into your world
Into every part of life
And see where you drop it, forget it, ignore it
See where it gets edged out
And overruled
There, in those very places,
That’s where the rubber hits the road
That’s where it happens.
In those micro moments
Is the opportunity
To meet your experience
With openness, with tenderness
With any awakening experience you may have had,
And fall beautifully into the unknown
Beyond mind’s incessant limiting nature.

Love’s Purpose

LOVE holds everything in place

Even the darkness and the denied
The unwanted and unacceptable

LOVE is the glue that holds the fabric of the Universe together
The essence of all that is, is LOVE
It is not simply something felt, or not felt
It is the primary state of consciousness
The root
The true matrix

Upon awakening you see this with such a certainty
It changes everything
And you can never serve fear again.


Everything Is Included

Life is a tapestry woven by God
Everyone and everything is in it
Nothing is forgotten or left out
The shapes and patterns
Are exquisite and beautiful
Sometimes brief and dramatic
Painful and heartbreaking
Yet all of it has value
And is included
In the vastness.

When you draw back your eye
Beyond the you-ness you always feel

And see it from awareness
You will be shocked by its Majesty

It may even stop you from thinking you know
What is good or bad
Or right or wrong.