when love fully flowers

when love flowers fully
it detaches from the personal
it stops being about self gain and self worth
the whole game of self seeking ends

and something new begins

as if by grace
the whole world
becomes the beloved
and, as if by magic,
everyone, and everything,
becomes an intimate lover
the whole of existence
shows its true face
you can see the beauty, the horror, the suffering
and behind and inside everything
you see the beloved

nothing, absolutely nothing
and no-one, absolutely no-one,
is excluded from this

it is quite astonishing…

the veil is down
and the truth is revealed
it was all god all along
it was us who misunderstood
it was us who drew down the veil
it was us who got it all wrong

but you can only really know this
to be true
when love fully flowers

when it fully flowered in me
it destroyed everything that was false
it broke my heart so wide open
life poured in
and stayed.


the face in the mirror

i have looked in the mirror
and seen many faces
i have seen fear and love
anguish and regret
joy and celebration
staring back from some unknown place

i have seen the flicker of time passing
in those eyes
stared wildly as creatures, gods,
archetypes, rise and fall
like wild snake waves writhing
in a petulant sea

i realized once
that you can never see yourself
as you are
that what we see, that vision we stare at
each morning and each evening
the one we glimpse
in shop windows as we pass
is not us
it is our ghost, our shadow
a reflection and a projection,
but not us

there is no point looking for your self
in the mirror
all you will see is
the time bound
and you are so much more than that….

to know your true face you must look beyond
what this world offers you
see through the veil
beyond the ephemeral
and find what is real.

everything is borrowed

there are two qualities to being human
one is temporary and fleeting, the world of form
the other is formless and without limit
we arrive, as if unbidden, from this formlessness
and we dwell here for a while
with borrowed body,
thought and life
and at some point
written by some divine intelligence
we must give everything back
and return to the formless realm
merged with everything and nothing

you don’t own anything
it’s all borrowed
and temporary

and none of our grasping or clutching
praying or pleading
demanding or pretending
changes the raw truth

better to live
in unguarded awareness
and undivided acceptance
of the way of things
than behind a veil of falsehood.

if you were here

if you were to sit here beside me
i do believe we might fall into some deep reverie
and you would, even for a moment,
see the beauty and depth
of your life
it might be that
you would fall in love
with yourself and the world
for the first time

we could fall together
beyond time and space
into the eternal
and be washed clean
be unchained of these forms
and dissolve into the ocean
and remember our true ecstatic nature

and when we returned to this place
just sitting here
it would be as innocence and joy
without heavy heart
and fearful mind
but with cheeky grin
and lightness of touch

ah! what a joyful moment that would be.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

the greatest equality of all

i am a weary traveller
broken by the waves’
relentless pounding
the tumult of the ocean
that threatens to engulf

i stand on deck
alone in existence
hands on the wheel
desperate for control
but looking out
through fearful eyes
at the storm that rages

i am broken
yet still i stand
clutching the wheel
not yet ready
to be swallowed up
and taken by the inevitable

lashed again and again
no land in sight
no sign of calm
just this eternal writhing
of the sea monster
with wild head and eyes
terrifying and inviting

i awaken, cold and hot
chilled to the bone
by life’s horror and beauty

we live in paradox
knowing our fate
and our predicament
yet living as though
that fate belonged to someone else
and we have been spared

oh! grand delusion
no-one is spared
this is the greatest equality of all.

shrouded by eternity

if we were to truly allow ourselves
to feel
the weight of existence
and to feel
the utter mystery
and inevitability
that awaits
every single one of us

would we be rendered
stupefied and useless?

is it really better that we
turn our backs on such truth
and pretend, blindly,
that we will live forever
and that these short years
of our lives
are so important
we would fight, and kill, and suffer
for them –
when we are shrouded
on either side of this precious existence
by eternity?


denial of the truth
leads to the path of ignorance
and shadows

we must live, side by side,
aware of the greater context
aware of oblivion
aware that we are all here by grace
aware that eternity is our true home
aware that we all see the same fate
aware that we are living inside a deep mystery

in fact we must live

on our knees in prayer and gratitude

not this arrogance and entitlement.

only the deepest embrace of all that is
allows love’s healing balm to flow

The Gates of Wisdom

To fully live
You must shed every false notion
Of what love is

We were all taught about love
And matters of wisdom
By those who didn’t understand
The nature of reality
Except for those rare beings
Who had become conscious

That is not to belittle the fine work
Our parents and ancestors did
With what they were given
By their ancestors before them
In fact the opposite, we are honoring
Their great fortitude
In unenlightened times

But we are in a different world now
And our access to the deepest wisdom
Of what is truth and love
And what is illusion
Is upon us

And that means
We must go through a great unlearning
And unravelling

Until we come to
The Gates of Wisdom
And we must walk through those gates


tenderness is a virtue

there is a harshness to this life
a demand to be strong
and forceful
its all about fighting for your rights
and the war on something
and the battle of the sexes
you have to be wary
and defended and cautious

oh! its exhausting just writing it..

my world is not like that at all
my world is about tenderness
and beauty and love
compassion and understanding and peace
my world is about recognition and respect
support and wisdom

this tenderness i speak of is not fragile
or weak
this love is not something less than fear or anger


these qualities are the fabric of the universe itself
they are the truth of our being
they are virtuous and dignified
they are wisdom lived

it is easy to follow the herd
and be angry and loud
to shout others down with some ill learned opinion

but it takes genuine heart
to soften oneself
into loves surrender
the warrior is one
who turns their back
on the crowd
and lives in humble strength
because they know it to be
the way.

this world cannot define you

seek yourself, not in definitions,
not in thought or form
nor in all that you do
no matter how good or famous
or useless and terrible
you think you are


seek yourself
in the emptiness between things
in the gaps
in the silence
seek yourself in that which
is behind all this

nothing this world offers you
will ever define you
for you are that
which is beyond definition
you are the magnificence that exists
before all this manifests

we forget and become hypnotized
by this world
but one day you will have to let it all go
and return to the silence

and i say do it now
return now and remember
your own true radiant nature

welcome yourself home
and celebrate in humble jubilation and great relief.

The Words Point To The Soul

The words we use
All of them
In poetry, in anger and in love
The letters we write
And the speeches we make
All of them are telling a story
About us
Not just what we believe and think
But who we are deep inside
Words point to the soul
All the time
If you really listen with an open awareness
You will hear this

When people speak to me
I can tell who they are and what they love, fear and desire
After a few short sentences

Many years ago
I was given the name Kavi
At first I rejected it and feared it
But slowly I grew to love it
And then I became it

Kavi is sanskrit for poem or poet