Your True Power

If you can see through your own projection
And righteous judgement
And instead
See from an open heart
And an innocent mind
You will be doing yourself
And the world
A great service
The world doesn’t need your opinion
It needs your love
Your innocence
And your beauty
Because therein
Lies your true power.


the beauty of tenderness

in the midst of all this arguing
about who is right and who is wrong
is one who stands silent
with head bowed
and hands softly open

as the raging storm
lashes everything it touches
does this one remain peacefully still
refusing all invitations to drama

the beauty of tenderness
is easily forgotten
yet, like a fragrant flower
alone in the forest,
it captivates the heart
and reminds us
of our true nature

once i saw my true face
i could no longer fight
i laid down my arms
and walked away
as tears of love
rained down
upon a parched earth

there is no solution but love.



journey of journeys

you must go to the mountain top
or the cave
alone – if you seek to awaken –
without any friends or loved ones
when you return everyone will be your friend
and no one will be
as you leave for
your journey of journeys
take a look around
and you will not see the beloved anywhere
yet upon your return
the beloved is all you will see

god, love, truth, the beloved,
whatever you want to call the divine,
is always here
but we pretend to hide
like naughty children
hiding in the closet
from mum and dad

who are we kidding?

return to love

no matter how far you may roam
or how often you forget
and slip into fear or regret
or some other hole

you can always return to love
yes it may burn you
upon your return
and you may chastise yourself
for forgetting

but love’s ultimate balm
is clear of all that
it is just the fire itself
upon which you may throw
your stuff, your hurt pain and rage
and even,
wth some grace,
your self

from there you will rise anew
with nothing left to burn.

when grace arrived

grace, as my wife once said,
is the absence of resistance
i loved that description so much
and became devoted to the task
of finding that grace
to the point where i stopped
fighting and arguing with life
i put down my arms
and ended the war

and what happened was astonishing
i lost nothing, i didn’t fall apart
or become less of a human being
in fact the opposite
i gained everything
i gained the world
i became whole
and a full human being
all the world became my lover
and a great intimacy arose in me
this intimacy you feel as you read these words
this honest openness came
when i put down my weapons
of mass destruction

and grace arrived

this world is unfathomable
and, if you can just stop struggling
and fighting with it,
will show you its beauty
even in the smallest of things.


beauty in broken things

we cover our cracks
with feeble cement
and put on a face
we imagine will work
and everyone plays the same game
ashamed of being broken

will no one show me their true face?

the japanese have an art
that repairs their cracked bowls with gold
seeing beauty in broken things

why hide what gives us our uniqueness?
the tree grows majestically
and you cannot tell what is wound
and what is beauty
it doesn’t hang its branches in shame


only us, we who are blighted by shame and guilt
who, despite centuries of learning,
still turn away from our pain and suffering
in the vain hope it will disappear
sadly that turning away itself
gives it a dark power
that manifests in the world
in the ways we all see…

i am not the harbinger of doom my friend
but i did not come here to play around
our ways are foolish
and we have learned little from
the wisdom that has preceded us
and still we scrabble around in the dark
ruled over by petty despots
and ego fueled narcissists
who are the manifestation
of our collective shadow

only a great evolution of the soul
will change this world
and i am for that

i am unafraid of my cracks and wounds
i healed them with the gold
that gave them life
and they became a part of me
that i wear with dignity and humble pride
of a life felt fully

nothing is ever really broken
just denied and turned away from.


Mirage, Mirror and Maze

Oh world!
Oh body!
Oh mind!
Oh everything that appears
In our experience
Why do you taunt us so?
Why do tease us with your false hopes?
You offer nothing real
And nothing that lasts
You are a mirage
A mirror
A maze

And like all things illusory
Only when we look THROUGH you, not at you,
Do we begin to really see the truth

What madness is this world
Where what we see is false
And what we cannot see is real?

We live inside a dream
And only waking up
As we do from a heavy slumber
Can bring any peace

Oh world, body and mind
I can see your tricks and your stories
And although many imagine you to be real
I know you shimmer
In the light
And deceive the naive onlooker
I am wise to your ways
And your tricksters hustle
I have awoken from my dream
And see you for what you are
And love you anyway.

The Heart of Darkness

Each of us goes to dark places
It is part of the human experience
What matters is how the darkness is met
Either it drags us deeper into our stories
Or it forces the story and story teller
To let go and fall into the unknown
Surrendering the whole story of self
To the mystery
Only one of these leads to freedom.

there is a sadness that shines

there is a sadness
that opens the door
to peaceful acceptance
of the wheel of life

and there is a grief which,
when opened to,
may bring
the most profound love

but both sadness and grief
are shunned and demeaned
by those who desperately
flap around on the surface
and so they may never know
peace or love

i turned my back
on all that
and dived down
into the darkness
and there, amongst the tears and regret,
the pain and the deep wounds,
lay the most exquisite jewels

and now i wear those jewels
every moment of every day
with a humble pride
that says
‘i am not afraid of the darkness or the shadows.’